Top Christmas Music Events in a City Close to You

Christmas is coming soon, and we will all think about the ups and downs, positive and negative things, and all the challenges we overcome to become better this year. 

And since the last two years were extremely difficult because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to have some fun finally, so why not buy tickets online and attend some exciting music event or a live concert.

You definitely deserve such an event, and that is why we will see some of the top music events around Christmas time. Let’s get into it right away.  

End 2021 Together With Bruno Mars 

On December 17th and 18th, and also on December 30th and 31st, you will have the chance to end 2021 the best possible way by attending a Bruno Mars live concert news.

Bruno will perform at the Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas on these dates, and what a beautiful way to end this year by going to one of his concerts in Vegas together with your friends. You will celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve by saying goodbye to the challenging 2021 and entering 2022 with positive energy. 

Also, another reason is the chance of a Meet and Greet with the pop star, but you should buy tickets fast since they are selling out pretty fast. You will need a Covid-19 vaccine certification or a negative test, and the concert will be with a proper social distancing. Nevertheless, you finally have the chance to enjoy a Bruno Mars concert. 

Dance With The Roots

We all know The Roots since they are the house band on ‘’The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’’. Even though some members hip-hop band that mixes the genres of alternative rap and progressive soul. And listening to them live is even more impressive since you will have the chance to dance all night and celebrate Christmas the right way.

Luckily for you, The Roots will perform live at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in Washington, DC. The concert is scheduled for December 26th, and you can expect a mix of beautiful singing, top-rated music performance, and a funky-soul vibe that will let you dance and forget about everything else.

Of course, since the pandemic is still present, you will need a vaccine certification or a negative test result, but this is for your own safety. And once you enter the Kennedy Center, you will have the chance to enjoy the musical delights that The Roots will most certainly present in the best possible way.  

Feel the San Holo Rhythm

If you are a fan of the techno genre, you will have the chance to feel the San Holo rhythm since he is performing live on December 23rd at the Jannus Live concert venue in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jannus Live is an outdoor venue that has a capacity of around 2,000 people, which is excellent for a techno concert of this kind.

It will be a great pre-party before Christmas, and you will be entirely safe since the Covid protocols will be respected. Of course, the venue is one that is suitable for general admission tickets since it has an intimate vibe because it is not huge, and for a techno concert, that is precisely what you need. 

And if you want to meet the man, you can purchase Meet and Greet tickets in advance and have the chance to take a photo or chat for a while with this amazing Dutch DJ. Whatever type of ticket you choose, one thing is for sure; you will have a tremendous amount of fun. 

Country Concert With Kevin Fowler

If you are looking for something other than the performers mentioned above because you are a country music fan, there is great news for you as well. 

The country music legend Kevin Fowler will have a live concert on December 23rd in Fort Worth in Texas. And what is even more impressive is the venue where he will be performing, since he will play live at Billy Bob’s venue. It is an iconic place that has an enormous country music honky-tonk that has an indoor arena, lots of bars, and fantastic mechanical bulls. 

This venue is perfect for dancing, and you can also have a lot of fun if you are a fan of the rodeo. Also, with Kevin Fowler performing, it is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas if you love country music. 

Celebrate Christmas Early With Metallica

Last but not least, the fans of heavier music will have the chance to celebrate Christmas 2022 a little early with the legendary stars of Metallica.

The veteran metal band will perform on December 19th at the Chase Center in San Francisco. What makes this event so special is that this is the hometown of Metallica, and it will be a unique experience for them as well.

As you probably know, Metallica members love to meet and greet with the fans, and singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield has said before that he loves to talk to fans rather than taking a photo or signing an autograph. So don’t waste any more time and buy some Metallica tickets and celebrate this year’s Christmas on a higher note. Of course, Covid protocols must be respected, but other than that, you will have the unique experience of listening to the best Metallica songs live. 

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