21-year-old Yara Shahidi is the new face of Dior.

US actress and model is absolutly thrilled to be working for a beauty brand that is so dedicated to “creative and artistic progress”.

The breakout TV star and social activist, Yara Shahidi has become an unofficial spokeswoman for the younger generation eager to get involved in politics and social justice. Earlier in 2018, Shahidi appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and is a brand ambassador for Chanel.

She said of the fashion brand : “It’s pretty incredible to join the Dior family.

“Not only do I love all their other ambassadors, but I think even their executive teams in both [the fashion and beauty] spaces are extremely collaborative. I had followed them long before there had been any talks about me properly joining just because of what they represent in terms of creative and artistic progress.”

She added: “I just came off filming ‘Grown-ish’ and that is a 15-plus hour day of wearing make-up.
“Wearing the Dior foundations recently was one of the first experiences not having to deal with breakouts but having a formula that really worked alongside my skin. And that’s the ultimate test, under hot lights and with constant reapplying.”

Yara also hailed the “depth and breadth of the Dior beauty line” and their amazing eyeshadows.

She said: “I’m loving corals shades right now and I think the one thing that is such a treat is the depth and breadth of the Dior beauty line – their coloured liners and shadows are out of this world! Where I used to be in my room mixing pigments together, trying to figure out how to get a certain colour, now I have everything at my fingertips.”

On what she aims to bring to the table, she added: “Hopefully I bring a playfulness to a space that is often so serious.

“Dior have really leaned into what I naturally love about the beauty and fashion spaces, which is a real honour because you can only hope to bring your own ideas to a team that has a skillset and creative vision as large as Dior’s.”

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