5 Top Watch Brands in the World

Watches are one of the accessories of man that will live to defy the age of time. Despite the evolution of technology where one can access time on their phones or even laptops, nothing beats having a designer wristwatch. A designer watch, for that matter, makes stealing glances at your wrist unavoidable.

Better yet, they are not just a gadget that showcases the time; they speak volumes about the class and level of sophistication. This is in relation to the level of craftsmanship that has gone into the time machine. Despite there being lots of amazing watch brands in the market, here are top watch brands


Everyone knows about Rolex, including those who have never come close to one. All over in the movies or when one is gasping for receiving a memorable gift, Rolex is always one of those. This brand stands out for many of its first. They were the first ones to come up with a waterproof watch and also invented the self-winding watch. It reeks of elegance, prestige, and high ended considering most people in power, like heads of state and celebrities, wear the brand. With the quality and the dedication to self-improve in the midst of technology and fashion, the Rolex will always stand out even in generations to come.

Audemars Piguet

If you look at the wrist of a rich person, the continent notwithstanding, chances are that they will be wearing an Audemars Piguet. James LeBron has one, and so does Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its Royal Oak is what made the brand earn the coveted position in the watch industry as it exuded durability and style in one timepiece. Despite its expensive nature, both male and female adorn their wrists with the AP. It’s different because of the impeccable engravings, moving motifs, and outstanding finishes.

Patek Philippe

This brand has been operational from 1839 and has earned a spot in the watch world because of its creativity. Are you aware that every finishing on this luxurious watch is done by hand? They are also visionary and move with the technological demands. Another reason why they stand out is the fact that they have very few watches in the market, making the demand and price go up.


Having been in the business for over 170 years, Omega has the experience required to conquer the watch market. Do you know that most astronauts in the US prefer wearing the Omega watch brand? This is because it was the first brand of watch to be worn on the moon. The design is timeless, and the performance impeccable.

A. Lange & Sohne

This luxury watch has its roots in Germany. They strive to improve on their quality has made them be on top of their game since 1845. Compared to the Swiss watches, this brand has an outstanding outlook, and their precision is on point. Their visual appeal is their major selling point. Celebrities to royalty adorn this precious timepiece.

There are so many other watch brands with over the roof rankings and adoration from the world like Blancpain, Chopard, Cartier, and the endless list of well-designed timepieces. The above list, however, outlines some of the popular, prestigious, and eye-catching watch brands across the globe. You should remember that a watch is not only meant to show time; they are monumental accessories that can be passed from generation to generation, like the Rolex.

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