6 Beauty Habits You Should Start in Your 20s


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When you’re coasting along in your twenties, anti-aging solutions may seem like an issue that’s far beyond your current horizons. But it’s really never too early to start being proactive about your skin. To get a leg up, start incorporating these habits into your daily beauty routine, and enjoy younger skin, longer.

Use Sun Protection

Remember when your mom and all your aunties said if they could go back in time they’d tell themselves to not lather themselves in baby oil—and start wearing sunscreen? Okay, well, if your mom and aunts didn’t tell you this, there’s plenty of dermatologists and ex-sun goddesses out there who concur. Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the most crucial things you can do to prevent aging. Use a moisturizer with SPF as well as a regular sunscreen daily.  If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time, make sure to reapply, and if necessary, stock up on a spray formula for a convenient spritz. And it’s not just your face that needs protection. Make sure to cover your neck and chest and/or any other exposed body parts. Oh, and don’t forget to protect your pucker! Use an SPF lip balm to protect the sensitive tissue around the nose and lips.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Whether you’re 22 or 42, exfoliation should be a mainstay in your beauty routine.  Even youthful skin can look dull if there’s a buildup of dry skin. Exfoliating on a regular basis not only keeps flakes at bay, but is one of many proven methods to prevent blackheads, opening up pores and allowing your products to work their magic, which means a complexion that keeps glowing. Most skin experts recommend using a mild exfoliant twice a week, but you may want to check in with your skin care specialist or try experimenting with a few different types to see what works best for your skin type. Just be cautious to not over exfoliate or use an acid-based formula if you’re going to be in strong sunlight for an extended period of time.   

Invest in Anti-Aging Super Tools

All the face creams, toners and exfoliation in the world won’t reverse the aging or damage that’s already been done. However, if you start early enough, there are an array of anti-aging products that can keep your skin looking younger, longer.  The skin around the eyes, for example, is some of the most delicate on the body, and requires extra special attention. This is often the area where the first signs of aging appear, and while some of us may think crow’s feet are charming, most of us don’t want them on our faces, which is where a good eye cream comes in. Additionally, applying a serum with Vitamin C underneath your sunscreen helps to boost the protection of your SPF and includes skin-brightening properties, while a Vitamin A derivative, otherwise known as retinol, has long been a top pick for fighting premature aging. Using a retinol at night has been proven to help increase collagen production and slow the rate of collagen breakdown. But with so many brands and formulas out there, figuring out which to test out can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure of where to start, head to a local beauty retailer, such as Sephora and consult with a beauty expert, or talk to your dermatologist.

Eat a Wholesome Diet

It’s no secret that beauty starts from within. When you take care of your body, and are careful about what you put in it, it shows from the outside too. Nothing can hide a poor diet, and sooner or later, the long-term effects of consuming too much sugar, eating foods high in fat, not drinking enough water, or drinking too much alcohol will show begin to show up, not only in your complexion, but other places as well. If you’re not a great grocery shopper, consider signing up for a delivery of fresh produce from FarmFreshToYou.com. One of the most important things you can do for your diet? Drink plenty of water. This can impact everything from gut health to acne breakouts, so be sure you’re guzzling that H2O.

Get Mindful

While meditation or mindful practice may not seem like a beauty habit, the factor of the matter is, taking care of your mind in conjunction with your body is a holistic approach to overall health. And when your mind and body are healthy, beauty follows. Studies show that those who practice meditation are more likely to retain grey volume in their brains, which is the major component of the central nervous system. A daily meditation practice is also shown to reduce anxiety, stress and depression, which also means less frown lines. Try a simple meditation app like Headspace to get your mind right, and watch the physical benefits follow.


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