Mandy Longworth Ex Big Brother Housemate Interview

Big Brother’s Mandy Longworth was voted off last week giving us the opportunity to put some questions to her and to delve into her short-time spent in the house where she definitely made a lasting impression, besides finding out who really would like to see win.

Whilst the Doncaster star admits she feels “dreadful” as her 24 year-old daughter Charlotte is still in the house, the 51-year-old was the first contestant out of the hit Channel 5 show.

Always bubbly Mandy gave us a great interview and admitted she had caught up on her sleep now and admitted “I think i’m better in the sack now than I ever was”.

Mandy Longworth

“Just about everybody in there is fake”

What has the reaction been like since you have left the Big Brother house?

It’s been lovely. On eviction night; LAUGHS:(I was in such a bad mood) literally exhausted. I’ve had 2 hours sleep every night which is my fault cos I was the one keeping people up partying!!

Emma got me to one side and said that I shouldn’t have gone cos I was one of her favourites, same as Rylan. The audience on BBots and Big Brother was just amazing, that in it’self was fantastic and that alone made it all worthwhile.

Did the experience of having an ‘inseparable’ mother/daughter relationship with Charlotte help you in anyway rather than going in on your own?

I don’t think it did. Obviously I would still rather me in there and my daughter because we thought we were going in there as one vote and we didn’t know til the day that we weren’t.
So that was a surprise to us and a bit upsetting as the point of me doing it was to spend time with Charlotte and now I’m not.

Mandy pictured with her daughter Charlotte
Mandy pictured with her daughter Charlotte

Now the deciding vote for you to leave the house was from Imran, can you understand why he picked you?

Good wins over evil and I saw straight through Tom, so it was a blow that he was given autonomy to evict so that p*ssed me off.
I don’t think anybody else would have split us up. The only reason he split us up was that he could not raise a laugh out of Charlotte, he’s got toiler humour and he farts and wafts it in your face and he thinks that humour, you know we all grew out of that when we were 6. So yeah she’s (Charlotte) a challenge to him and because he is so egotistical he couldn’t bear the thought of “Why is he not giving me some”. I think that’s why I went. It was an excuse really.

Off all the housemates this series, who did you feel was most fake?

Again it’s a tough one because that’s a lot of reality and TV stars in there or people..I say star..Reality TV personalities in there such as Arthur had two television shows prior to going in the house, so a lot of them have got management and stuff and the managers tell them what to do to get airtime. The only people genuine person in there is Charlotte.
Even with Sukhvinder and Imran my opinion changed from watching it from this side of the fence I see there little private conversations differently..they sound a little bit staged. I wouldn’t have thought that being in there but now I’m watching it – I spot the looks to the cameras and the ways she says things to Imran, so just about everybody in there is fake!!..other than Charlotte.

And who did you get on best with?

I loved hanging with Kieran and Lotan because they are as hot as they come and were really lovely lads. Both are intelligent and funny and we had a good laugh and banter. I quite liked Rebecca, she’s a business woman with a good head on her shoulders but she played the game and did a lot of crying in the diary room besides kicking off.
Take away of their reality personas and Sukhvinder was a lovely woman to chat too but even she went too crazy with regards to the plastic bag going over her head and it was a bit of fun. Chanelle was in high jinx and did not know what she was doing wrong. Sukhvinder really takes things too seriously when she’s had a drink and it all gets a bit too tense but during the daytime having a day to day conversation she was great to talk too.
And Arthur, I mean the three that I mucked around with the most was Arthur, Lotan and Kieran. I also flirted with the the girls with girly chat-chat, and even shared a bed with Rebecca in the end. Deborah was lovely as well.


Do you think Emma Willis’ nickname ‘Randy Mandy’ will stick?

Why not?? (Laughs). I’ve not been married for so long it’s nice. You shouldn’t be written off at 51, we’re still attractive. I think i’m better in the sack now than I ever was!!

You entered the show to find love, do you think you will find it now alot more people know who you are?

Probably not..with the sex tape and everything. I don’t know. Hopefully as I’m an eternal optimist, I just want someone age appropriate (48 and upwards). It’s not hard to pull a 30 old-year because for some reason they seem to like the older one’s and older men like younger women.

Finally, who would you like to win the show?

Obviously I want Charlotte to win the show for sure becuase she is the only one in there without a game-plan and is true to herself. Because she is not having screaming fits and messing around and arguing with people you don’t get the same airtime unfortunately. Tom described her as a dry tuna sandwich (without the butter and without the mayo); but she really is just so funny. She is as furthest from boring as you could possibly go.

Is she (Charlotte) doesn’t win I would quite like Chanelle, cos even though she knows how to play the reality star and even without all her fake boobs and everything, I think she would still be that person that you see on screen. She is funny and just a sweet girl.

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