Abaya for Women

A common sight among modest women all around the world. It is available in different shapes, is floor-length, and has long sleeves. Women who leave the house don to cover up their curves by layering it over their inner outfits. Hence, you will typically find ones that are open in the front and fastened with snaps or zippers. These front buttons will also give one the option to wear it fully buttoned on its own,like a dress.

Abaya for women is known for its graceful silhouette and flattering drapes amd are a popular choice among fashionable modest women to show off their style without going outside the rules of religion or personal modest preferences. Today, a modest woman is spoilt for choice, thanks to the array of options that are available online.

Typically come in a variety of fabrics, including fabrics that are lighter and breathable, which would be suitable for the sweltering heat as many modest women living in hot climates would also wear.

Although they go by several names, one common function: to cover. Modern styles are flowing and light and are usually made of crepe, silk,polyester, and chiffon. The popular designs are the ones that open in the front open or closed in the front and back. Depending on the region, the style of the varoius style can vary; for instance, somewould be purely black or detailed with black embroidery on their black fabric, whereas some can come in brightly coloureddesigns with prints and a variety of artwork.

If you are looking for different styles of abayas, here is the list that are available in the market today:


Batwing comprises sleeves that are oversized and loosely hanging, but with a fitted cuff. This design is a typical in the Gulf region and can look very much like a dress. It also has a more formal appearance and can be worn for elegant events as it is usually a piece that you would wear on its own.


It would have to be the open style among the most popular styles. It is particularly adaptable because it can be worn with jeans, and ankle-length trousers for a more informal appearance or with a skirt or a dress and a pair of heels if you are opting for a sophisticated style.


When wearing, we know there is no such thing as skin showing as it covers you from head to toe. A closed is like any other except that it does not have buttons or a zipper that runs down its front or back. So, when wearing a closed, one would have to pull it over your head, and voila you’re good to go. 


Women who prefer to cover a large portion of their bodies while donning one would choose the hooded. This is ideal for someone who wishes to hide her hair and be modestly covered throughout the body.


Sheer as its name suggests are generally see-through and made of lightweight fabrics. These types of are usually worn on special occasions and when you already have a modest inner outfit, so throwing over a sheer would only add that extra oomph. They can be incredibly sophisticated and stylish and could either have a high-neck neckline or a plunging neckline. These also look great for a glitzy glam night event and can be worn over pair of trousers or a maxi dress. 


This style of is usually composed of floral designs with intricate needlework to reflect its embroidered details. This could be in vibrant colours, muted tones, or black embroidery work on black fabric.


This includes a variety of beads, including pearl beads. These beads could be individually hand-sewn onto the fabric or pinned on the fabric using a machine. Either way, a beaded can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Some beaded may also come with matching beaded head scarves so that you can coordinate them with your other clothing, making it ideal for a night out in town.


This particular style is usually constructed from a plain design that elegantly drapes over your body. This type could come in one solid colour, two-toned, or multi-coloured, but usually, it does not have any embellishments or embroidery work making it better suited for everyday wear or running daily errands.


A printed type usually has a vibrant colour and is not necessarily your typicalwhite or black. It could come in a variety of colours such as blue, green, orange, and red, and even in a variation of print designs like Aztec or floral. These types of look great if you are looking for something unique that is not your traditional black. It can be worn to formal events like weddings or evening parties and would look good when styled with heels and a fancy clutch.


Long gone are the days when modest fashion is deemed as passe. Today you will find a vast selection of modest styles that are up to date with the latest fashion trends. From glam evening styles to kimono-style, there is a style that will take you from morning to night.

If you are looking to run daily errands, then opt for one with a plain design. But if you are looking to impress the crowd, then choose one that is beaded, embroidered, or printed. No matter which style you prefer or what your style is, there is surely that is available out there that would tickle your fancy. It is now easier than ever for anyone to find a styles and colours that suits them. All you must do is be bold with your choices and be sure to own a variety of styles for different occasions.

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