Basic Tees Aren’t Basic: How to Wear a T-Shirt

Simply throw it on and dress up however you feel like for the day.

When it comes to having some staple fashion items in your wardrobe, there are numerous items to consider hanging up.

Not only can you wear them for your everyday casual outfit, but you can also use them as a core piece to dress up in too.

Plus, you can’t ignore the fact that the basic t-shirt is simply so comfortable to wear, regardless of the overall look you are going for. Not only is the fabric cozy, but you do not have to deal with the hassle of buttons or hooks.

Here are the top t-shirt combos to have on hand whenever you want to incorporate comfort into any outfit.

1. The T-Shirt and Tracksuit Combo

Ever since the pandemic, active leisure wear is something that is not just reserved for home. In fact, you can rock it on the red carpet these days too. The active leisure look always needs a basic t-shirt and can help provide both comfort and style to any tracksuit you decide to wear. With the simple t-shirt, you then have room to really glam up the look with key accessories like hooped earrings or bedazzled necklaces. If you want to give it a bit more personality, try a funny t-shirt from Tee Boulevard that will have you stand out a bit more.

2. The Blazer and T-Shirt Duo

Blazers do not have to be all business. In fact, when they are paired with a basic t-shirt they can be all fun. If you want to add a little dress-up to your basic t-shirt then simply pair it up with a blazer and designer jeans. This is a classic celebrity look for a night out on the town without having to try too hard. Plus, this duo goes to the next level when you add in high heels to the mix too. Of all the must-have items though, basic tees are an absolute must.

But when it comes to really master the art of wearing a t-shirt from Allegiant, there are several different ideas you should keep in mind so that it becomes easy to create a cute go-to outfit. While the classic t-shirt and jeans duo will never go out of style, we have also thrown together some additional outfits that can equally provide comfort and style with minimum effort required.

3. With a Matching Ensemble

The basic t-shirt really comes in handy when you need something to layer under a more complex set, such as a matching jacket and shorts. Not only does the t-shirt create a more casual look for a more serious ensemble like this, but it makes it fun too. Plus, the t-shirt allows you to then pair it up with white sneakers or a funky piece of jewelery or handbag.

4. Matching with a Skirt

Next, a basic t-shirt is always a great go-to when you want to wear it with something comfortable like a skirt. This is a great style hack for trickier skirts like pleated or metallic ones. Not only will you look effortlessly chic, but you will equally be extremely comfortable too. No wonder this outfit combo has become a go-to one on the red carpet this year by celebrities from multiple generations.

5. Paired with a Funky Jacket

If you have a really cool vintage jacket but struggle to find a way to incorporate it into an outfit, then this is the perfect opportunity to pair it with a basic t-shirt. This combo will give an edgy yet understated look that lets you wear bolder fashion items without feeling too out there. So get out that antique leopard print jacket and wear it with your black t-shirt and denim jeans. You will be a fashion genius and make heads turn in the best of ways.

6. Under a Bustier

Yes, you’ve read this correctly. One of the growing trends for this year has been pairing a basic t-shirt with a fancy bustier. It is not often you can actually wear a bustier out in public but when layered over a t-shirt, you all of a sudden can! Not only does it add a unique layer to your outfit, but lets you feel like a style icon.

7. All On Its Own

Yes, you read that correctly. With the right type of basic t-shirt, you can actually wear it as a dress. Of course, we suggest wearing spandex or fishnet stockings underneath, but a basic t-shirt can act as a great dress too. Simply get it in two or three sizes bigger and longer than you ever would. Or search for one that has been specifically designed to be a dress.


Everyone needs a basic t-shirt in their wardrobe. You can use it in nearly any outfit and for almost any occasion. From a night into a night out, your basic t-shirt will undoubtedly become one of your favorite pieces of clothing that you own.

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