Celebrities hairstyles over the years

David Beckham is well established as a fashion icon, his hair is seriously stylish and an inspiration to many other men. He has sported various styles over the years from the buzz cut, side parting, faux hawk, blowout to the mohawk.

Whilst just over half of men will experience male pattern baldness in their thirties, some groups including footballers can show significant symptoms far sooner. Products like Finasteride can slow down or even stop hair loss with a number of users experiencing increased hair growth.

Jennifer Aniston played the character Rachel Green in friends, she has one of the most iconic styles of all time…the cute bob, with women around the globe asking their stylist for a “Rachel Green” cut. Over the past two decades she has gone through many hair make-overs, from the go-to beachy waves, short and choppy bobs and the rare slicked-back pony. Jennifer Aniston declares ‘Perfume shouldn’t overpower’

Ben Affleck is famed for his movie roles, his good looks and having a great head of hair. The Golden Globe award winner even grew facial hair for the lead part in Argo.

Cara Delevingne – a fashionista who certinaly knows how to look after her hair. From conditioning to colour changes for fashion shoots, the English star has probably had one of the biggest hair evolutions of all models.

Wayne Rooney has sported the same hairstyle over the years…very short. He has spent over ‘£30k’ on hair transplants.
Do you at any point think about how VIPs get that ideal hair perfected? Stylists work their own design sense and individual style to create shading and cuts that become some portion of their unmistakable look.

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