Emma Thompson, Rita Ora and Annie Lennox team up

Emma Thompson and Rita Ora are two of the Leading Ladies that front Marks & Spencer’s latest campaign.

Emma Thompson, Rita Ora and Annie Lennox have teamed up for a Spring/Summer 14 campaign.

Emma Thompson, Rita Ora and Annie Lennox team up | MarkMeets Fashion News |
The bevy of British beauties are joined by model Alek Wek , campaigner Doreen Lawrence, designer Lulu Kennedy, chef Rachel Khoo and engineer Roma Agrawal in the Marks & Spencer Leading Ladies images.

Shot by Annie Leibovitz, the women are decked out in some of the most flattering trends for this season and next, and gaze into the camera in stances that reflect their own personal styles.

Rita smoulders behind the collar of a sleeveless jacket, with her hand tucked nonchalantly into the pocket of her tailored slacks.

Annie and Emma are more playful with their poses, with the legendary Eurythmics singer clicking her fingers as if mid dance.

“This is the first campaign I’ve ever done – but who could resist being part of such a great line-up?” enthused Annie to vogue.co.uk.

In a behind-the-scenes video released by the high street giant, the seven Leading Ladies discuss what clothing and style means to them.

Sat around a quintessentially English table, filled with cream tea, finger sandwiches and scones, the women talk freely about fashion.

“I always wore black when I was young, because I was being militant. I wouldn’t carry a handbag, I just carried everything in a plastic bag until I was 30. I didn’t have a handbag until really quite recently – now I have too many,” Emma smiled.

“I think the first thing about clothing- we’ve agreed on this haven’t we – comfort is god,” chimed in Annie.

For Rita, who has also just launched a make-up collection with Rimmel and worked as a model for DKNY, trends aren’t something to be followed but rather explored.

“I don’t really ever look at trends or read what’s meant to be next season, and yeah I wear crazy clothes sometimes and I look back and I’m like, ‘OK that was definitely a phase,'” she laughed.

“At the end of the day I love it, I have such a great time with it and I don’t feel like you should be afraid of wearing something because you wouldn’t usually wear it.”

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