Fashion Inspiration and Famous Influencers: Nadya Dorofeeva and her Connection to Style

Nowadays, a lot of our inspiration comes from the media. Films, music, art, and even social media affect the way we think, live, and spend our free time. Moreover, we can now follow the lives of celebrities almost 24/7, again, thanks to the various social media platforms. This way they can now easier gain the status of icons. All of this affects our life on so many levels, that it becomes obvious that not every media person should be followed. Still, the significant part of modern influencers is good people who use their status and power for the greater good. The Ukrainian artist Nadya Dorofeeva would be a great example of such a person.

Nadya is a famous Ukrainian singer and songwriter, who’s been in the show business industry since 2005. She was a part of a popular singing duo “Vremia and Steklo” for a long time. Since 2020 Nadya has been working on her solo career. The artist has her own YouTube channel, where she mostly posts her music videos. In 2021 she released a mini album called “Dofamin” which includes her five songs. And even though her music career is her priority, she has also become quite a popular influencer on Tik Tok and Instagram. She even was included in the top 10 most popular bloggers on Tik Tok back in 2020. The Ukrainian star has a followers base of 5,3 million on Instagram, which means she has a lot of influence on modern culture. As an extremely talented artist, she is now doing an important job of spreading the word about Ukrainian culture. She also uses her status to cover the news about the current state of the country.

The Link Between the Ukrainian Star and the World of Fashion

As it was mentioned, media has a huge effect on many aspects of our lives. Fashion is not an exception, in this case. Our choice of style and outfits can largely depend on what music we are listening to, what movies we like, and what celebrities we follow. Most likely, if you see one of your favorite influencers wearing a silk gown, you will want to try out something similar too. That’s why it’s good to have such people as Dorofeeva as an example of style and elegance. Being a really diverse artist, she also got hooked up in the fashion industry. In 2016 she created her own clothing line «It’s My DoDo». And later Nadya even opened a clothing shop called «So DoDo». The shop included her own clothing line, as well as pieces from different Korean brands.

So, it isn’t surprising that such a fashion connoisseur as Dorofeeva got interested in the Sleeper brand. Recently she posted a photo of herself wearing one of the label’s most famous pieces. It was the Opera dress. Nadya chose to wear the linen gown, however, it can also be bought in a variation of a white silk lace dress. The star couldn’t have picked a better option for herself, as the gown helped to bring out the most sophisticated part of Nadya’s beauty. The effortless chic of the dress could be one of the main reasons why the singer decided to pick this design specifically. Moreover, the versatility of the design would allow you to wear it as well as Nadya did – to the beach, but also any other occasion such as a romantic dinner date, a stroll in the city, or brunch with your girlfriends

Big Influencers and The Social Impact

It’s no secret that celebrities do influence our lives. Furthermore, some have such a powerful base of followers, that they can use that voice to raise strong social issues. Dorofeeva, being a pretty recognizable media persona, uses her platform to speak about important problems too. With the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the singer started to use her platform to raise donations and spread legitimate news about the situation in the state. She also launched a few initiatives to help raise money for those who most certainly need them right now. 

However, Nadia is not the only Ukrainian artist that started to use their platform for the greater good. Sleeper, the brand that Nadya herself wears and adores, too decided to use its voice to help children in Ukraine. The brand donated part of its revenue to the biggest children’s hospital in Kyiv – Okhmadyt. The fundraising was specifically active during April. If you then bought the silk gown, all the costs were sent as a donation to the hospital. It’s great to see that influencers from different spheres of artistic life can come together and come up with ways to help people during these trying times.

The Question of Style Representation in Modern Media

Dorofeeva is just one example of a celebrity, who inspires and leads others. There are a lot of other names that come to mind when the narrative about the influencers starts. Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Zoella Zeebo, and many other celebrities use their platform not only to show off. These people become our inspiration, especially in terms of fashion and style. We look at their pictures and try to come up with ways to look and feel the same. If you see any of them wearing a white lace silk dress, you can expect others to follow this trend the very next day. Nevertheless, because there’s now this huge database of different styles and outfits in a form of Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter feeds, people are being more critical about following a particular style. They are more likely to compare what they see and come up with a unique combination of all their favorite styles. This, indeed, adds up to the versatility of fashion options, but it also raises the bar for those who are trying to get into the fashion world.

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