Finding Your Perfect Signature Piece

Piecing together and styling an outfit takes time, and for many of us, our daily routine can include, running out of the door, already late for work, and far too busy to think and details such as accessories. If you adopt a signature piece or two then this can be an easy way to solve this dilemma.

A signature accessory is one that is memorable and always or nearly worn. You should feel at home with it, and other people may associate you with it. Wearing a signature accessory is a really good way to personalize and add a punch to any outfit in your wardrobe. It can even make the wilder outfits seem more you.

It does take a little effort to get it right, but it is certainly worth it.

What Can They Do For You?

Add A Personal Touch To Your Everyday Basics

Even on the days, you wear a basic outfit,  a signature accessory can easily punch up your style. You may prefer easy neutrals and classic, a conservative office, wear a uniform or like things to be minimal. You can add a personal touch with little thought because it’s something you wear each and every day.

Comfortable with Experimentation

If you’re nervous about trying a new trend or style,  a signature accessory can help you feel more like yourself and enable you to still experiment. Yes, you may be wearing something that you don’t usually wear, but you are coupling it with a piece that is an integral piece of your personal style. Trying new things isn’t as scary when you’re calming it down with your signature Burberry glasses or your grandmothers pearl earrings.

Creates Continuity

When you have a signature accessory, this piece takes the role of a common denominator across a range of different looks.  It’s something that becomes recognizable as you and means you can create your own personal style through your signature pieces.

How Do You Find A Signature Piece That Works For You Each Day?

When it comes to choosing your accessory, you need to have a think about what this accessory is going to say about you. How are others going to interpret it? Also, think about how often you expect or want to wear it. Are you willing to remove it for activities? Or do you want to wear it all the time? Or do you expect to take it off only for showering?

Message And Interest

Once you have been wearing your accessory enough to be able to establish it as a permanent part of your look, people will begin to associate this piece with you. This means you should start to think about what this accessory means to you. It could be as simple as it’s your favorite color, or it might be your way of remembering a family member.


You need to make sure you consider your lifestyle and how disruptive or functional your signature accessory will be. If you spend your days at a computer desk, wearing a bracelet that rattles may not be ideal. Wearing loads of big rings could make lifting weight uncomfortable, do if you’re a gym buff you may want to consider a necklace instead.


One of the easiest ways to wear a signature piece is, of course, to choose one piece that works with both your lifestyle and you want to wear it all the time. However, if you don’t want to wear that exact piece forever, then you might want to consider a theme instead. This way, instead of wearing just the one piece, you can wear a variation of the same type of accessories such as a certain size, a particular color, a certain number, a preferred location like your neck or left wrist, or a motif such as wearing lemons, avocado, or any print of yout choice.

Remember to have fun choosing and finding your signature pieces. You will know when you have found the right piece that suits your lifestyle, feels amazing to wear and feels like you. The next time you run out the door, you’ll already of putting it on, and it will become second nature to have it included as part of all your outfits.

Do you have any signature pieces that you wear on a regular basis or other people miss when you forget to wear it? Please share some of your favorites in the comments below, it would be fantastic to hear about what accessories people love to have as their signature piece.

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