How to Style your ‘I’m Staying at Home’ Outfit

You’re spending twenty-three hours out of every day in the same building. You’re not having any contact with the outside world. It’s easy to slip into the same comfortable clothes every day. Whether it’s a dressing gown, a onesie, or a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, you might find that you’re getting a great deal of mileage out of the same few items. Some of us might even have stopped bothering getting out of our pyjamas!

Why dress up?

If you’re not going to be seeing anyone, then you might wonder what the point of going to any effort is. After all, isn’t keeping up appearances something we do for the benefit of other people?

While there might be a grain of truth to this, the fact is that when you change clothes, you subconsciously change your mindset and your attitude. When you’re in pyjamas, then you put yourself in the mood to sleep. When you wear more formal clothes, you put yourself in the mood to work. Blurring the lines between these states of mind will result in a sense of confusion, and a bit of a lack of purpose. This is something that most of us know instinctively, but it also has the backing of scientific research – notably in a cwhich concluded that ‘clothing worn influences cognition broadly’.

What opportunities are there?

In some cases, your reason for getting dressed up is going to be a bit more practical. When you’re getting your half-hour of daily exercise, it’s important that you dress for the experience. Get something that’s comfortable and breathable, along with footwear that’s going to support you. Since this is one of the few occasions when you’re going to be out of doors, it’s a time when the flashiness of your sports equipment actually does matter – so investing in a quality pair of trainers is surely worthwhile.

Among the rare instances where people now interact in public is during a shopping trip. Here’s an opportunity to make a real effort. This might mean taking a handbag, wearing makeup, or dressing in a way that you might not have considered practical at the supermarket. The clothes we wear are an opportunity for self-expression – and without taking advantage of that opportunity, you may begin to feel a little stifled.

What’s the best loungewear?

Since you’re wearing a lot more loungewear than you otherwise would have, it makes sense to invest in some high-quality additions to your existing wardrobe. This is something of a boom time for designers of luxury lounge items, so be sure to investigate the new items on offer, and look to swap out those frayed old slippers for something a little more supportive, comfortable and chic.

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