Declutter Your Living Room with These Clever Storage Ideas

The size of your living room is not a big deal when you have smart storage that can maximize space and make the room clutter-free.

It’s essential to make your living area look spacious and attractive because it’s the spot where you spend family bondings and entertain your guests.

It’s essential to make your living area look spacious and attractive because it’s the spot where you spend family bondings and entertain your guests.

For sure, there are many ways how you can make your living room look like that. Just take note of these clever living room storage ideas for that purpose.

Bench with Storage Compartment

A bench with storage compartments is perfect for your living room as it has two functions. For one thing, it’s a great piece of furniture in which you can take yourself or your guests for a seat. Yo

It’s perfect to have a bench with storage compartments near your living room window. Imagine watching the view outside of your house or taking the soothing wind as it touches your face.

Console Tables

Console tables not only improve the aesthetics of your living room but also help maximize space and organize things in it. For example, you can use a console table as a furniture piece to put your table lamps or flower vases.

Buy a console table with drawers to stow your belongings, such as memorabilia, trinkets, and accessories. It’s also an excellent furniture piece for your bedroom, dining room, and kitchen area.


Does your living room need a convenient and versatile storage solution? Well, go for storage baskets now!

For a unique look, you will find that woven seagrass baskets are not only attractive but also very useful for organizing things in your living area. You can put your accessories, souvenirs, kid’s toys, and other small items in storage baskets, and if you have a fireplace, you can even use them to store wood and kindling. You can also get them in creative and stylish designs to fit the theme of any space.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans come in many styles and colors, and they’re a great addition to your living area as they enhance the room’s aesthetics. Also, ottomans in the market today have storage compartments where you can keep your things.

If you have storage ottomans in your living room, you not only have comfy seats, but you also have a nifty storage solution. Opt for a stylish design and color that matches the look of your living room.

Coffee Tables with Drawers and Shelves

Visit any living room, and you’ll see a coffee table there. This piece of furniture is a classic fixture of the home as it enhances the appearance of the living area and makes it clutter-free.

If you’re having your coffee in the morning, you can put your cup on top of this furniture piece and just chill. It’s also an awesome furniture piece where you can place your books, magazines, and daily newspapers.

Today, you can find coffee tables that have built-in storage. Some designs also come with shelves and deep drawers. If you’re running out of storage ideas, just purchase a coffee table with shelves and deep drawers.

Cube Storage Shelves

Whether you have a small or large living room, you can organize your things using cubbies or cube storage shelves. This furniture piece is an affordable and versatile storage solution. You can find cubbies in various forms, such as modular compositions, wall units, or bookcases.

Cubbies are great to hold your children’s toys, home appliances, office supplies, collectible items, books, and accessories. Pick cube storage shelves with a beautiful design that can suit perfectly with the style of your living area.

Bar Carts

Enhance your decor and organize stuff in your living area using bar carts! If you’re someone who loves to drink wine in the living room, this piece of furniture is perfect for holding your wine bottles. You can also display your indoor plants, books, and collectible items in a bar cart.

Bar carts are ideal to have in studio-type apartments where the dining room, living room, and kitchen area come together.

You can also use them as storage as it comes with small boxlike compartments underneath where you can stow your books, monthly magazines for your music news and other stuff.


Your living room is an integral part of your house. So, you should see to it that it’s aesthetically appealing and clutter-free by installing clever storage solutions in it. Consider coffee tables, console tables, storage baskets, ottomans with secret storage, bar carts, storage bench, and cube storage shelves in your living room.

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