Epic Cinemas in Singapore That Should Be on Every Movie Buffs Bucket List

Did you know that Singapore built its first theatre in 1904?

Although Singapore has only had cinemas for a little over 100 years, a lot of progress has been made to make the movie-going experience as luxurious as possible.

Are you planning a vacation to Singapore soon? Keep reading to learn about the best cinema in Singapore.

1. The Cathay Cineplex

If you’re looking for cinemas with couple seats, you’ll love visiting the Cathay Cineplex. Not only are their leather seats cushy and reclinable, but there are also dividers available to help you have a more private movie experience. Here you can enjoy a refreshing selection of both mainstream and local movies at all hours.

Another perk of visiting Grand Cathay is having the opportunity to dine while you enjoy the show. Nothing will make you feel more like royalty than spending a night at this theater.

2. GV Gold Class

There are 4 GV Gold Class theaters that show the latest movies in Singapore, which means you can have an unforgettable time no matter which part of the city-state you’re visiting. Like the Cathay Cineplex, GV Gold Class theaters also offer plush, cinema recliners. As an added bonus, each seat has a charging port and a blanket that you can even take home as a souvenir.

Do you want to eat delicious food while you watch? At the press of a button, you can summon a staff member who can take your order and deliver your food quietly.

3. Shaw Theatres Lido

If you’re looking for IMAX in Singapore, Shaw Theatres Lido was the first theater to offer this type of show. Since the theater is huge, you’ll love being able to see all of the action with crystal-clear visuals and sounds. Once you’re done, make sure you set aside some time to explore the incredible stores in this shopping district.

4. Shaw Theatres JCube

If you want to visit a traditional movie theater in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with Shaw Theatres JCube. Although this theater isn’t as fancy as the others, you can still enjoy clean, spacious facilities at an affordable price. This means that you’ll have plenty of money left to spend the night at 1 Altitude grabbing rooftop drinks above the cityscape.

5. Eaglewings Cinematics Platinum

Are you looking for a more intimate time at the movies? If so, Eaglewings Cinematics Platinum offers a unique way to watch movies since their theater only accommodates up to 18 guests.

One of the most notable features about this theater is its fun drink machine that allows you to combine up to 50 different kinds of drinks with unlimited free refills. You can order drinks and food by pressing a button to summon a staff member.

You’ll Love Going to the Best Cinema in Singapore

Now that you know more about the best cinema in Singapore, you can start planning your ultimate movie-lovers getaway.

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