Former ‘Xtra Factor’ presenter wants own clothing line

TV presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford has revealed that she wants to make her own garments for the UK market and right now has her eye on some huge brands she’d like to work together with.

The previous ‘Xtra Factor’ host, 34, is quick to cut out a name for herself in the design business and make her own particular little accumulation as she feels she’s ready to choose pieces that work impeccably for distinctive body shapes and sizes.

Sarah-Jane Crawford

”I would love to have my own particular garments line in light of the fact that I have an exceptionally unmistakable thought of the sorts of things that work for me.

”When I go shopping, I actually select the same sorts of thing. Not that I won’t move from it. In any case, I pick stuff that suits my body shape so I wear a considerable measure of A-line skirts. I get a kick out of the chance to have my arms out, similar to 50s style. So I think I’d have a significant particular thought of what kind of accumulation I’d like to outline.”

Furthermore, the brunette excellence has effectively chosen she’d like to join a major brand joint effort into her future line.

She clarified: ”I’d either team up with a brand who I adore effectively like Cos, Joseph or Whistles that kind of thing then put my own particular thing on it. I would love.”

Then, Sarah-Jane will be in her component one week from now when she fronts the impressive ‘Past the Red Carpet: British Fashion Awards’ on November 24 at 8pm on E!

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