Get the Celebrity Look…Without Having The Celebrity Paycheck

The people of the world are divided into two categories: celebrities and non-celebrities. The latter are the multitude who can be found on the streets and in offices looking, well, just like regular people. The celebrities live in a different world. They seem to radiate something special, something that we all wish we could possess. They just have that look. But of course, they usually have a big budget to play with. So is there a way for us mere mortals, the ones with a limited amount of money, to achieve that look? We think so. Take a read below for some essential tips.

Get Creative

You’re not going to have fashion designers clamouring to get you wearing their latest creations, but who needs them when you have your own creative side to come up with something good? If you’ve got some bog-standard clothing hiding in your wardrobes, learn some DIY clothing hacks, and put your own spin on your existing pieces. Celebrities are known for wearing those one-of-a-kind items that no-one else has. By taking the time to make your own clothing – it’s easier than it sounds – you’ll be able to join that exclusive club.

Get the Latest Looks

But don’t worry, you won’t always have to make your own clothes to have the celebrity look. That would take some time! You’ll also need to buy the latest fashions and styles. Now, you might be thinking, “this sounds expensive,” but that’s not the case. If you shop at the right time, and take advantage of promotions like John Lewis & Partners discount codes, you’ll find that it’s more than possible to buy high-quality clothing without the high price tag. Buy one or two pieces, and keep them on heavy rotation. High-quality looks good for much longer than cheaper clothing, so it should look fashionable no matter how many times you wear them.

Adventurous Hair and Makeup

Celebrities are not known for their mild, “blending into the background” looks. They make a splash wherever they go! And with this, you have a license to push the boat out a little bit, and do something new and exciting with your hair and makeup. Take a look at the latest and boldest hair and makeup tutorials, and you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons the next time you head out onto the town with your friends.

Deep Relaxation

Celebrities do, indeed, have a charmed life. You only need to cast your mind back to the TV show “Cribs” to know that. As such, they usually have a chilled out, relaxed look about them. And so can you! If there’s a night where you really want to impress and look the part, spend the day “getting into character.” That means going for a massage or spa treatment, or otherwise feeling entirely at ease, physically and mentally.

Like You Own The Place

Finally, remember to bring that attitude! Celebrities act like they belong wherever they go. There’s no formula to this, you just need to act confident. You can do it!

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