How to choose the best sneaker for your style

Everyone is unique and has a different sense of style. What you wear and the brands you associate with can build up your identity and who you are as a person. Obviously, personality is what matters the most, but the way you dress also helps develop how you’re seen as an individual. The clothes and the shoes you decide to wear can tell a lot about you. Although sneakers are a pair of shoes everyone has in their closet, the type of sneaker you choose to wear showcases who you are differently. Whether you want to be seen as a skater boy or girl or you’re more preppy, there’s a pair of sneakers for everyone. Which shoe goes with your style the most? If you’re looking for your perfect shoe at a discounted price, why not check out this amazing Foot Locker discount code!

  1. The Skaters

You are a forever cook kid if you skateboard. Tony Hawk created a dream that still exists today and one way to make that fantasy come to life is to buy yourself a pair of Vans. The ultimate skateboarding shoe, not only is it stylish, it also gives you the grip to get some sick tricks in at the park. If you want to be taken seriously by the skating community, cool sneakers are essential to enter the park. Vans are an old school option that will make you feel comfortable before you learn how to ride switch.

  1. The Jocks

If sports are your domain, you can’t just wear any pair of shoes. You need to find the right sneakers that will allow you to perform nicely and that will avoid you getting nasty blisters. And let’s not lie about it, you’ll probably want the others to look at them with envy. Therefore, forward-thinking design is something you should consider. If the basketball court is the place you want to spend your afternoons, you probably grew up watching video footage of Michael Jordan. So you already know that Nike is the answer to play with style. They also have great footwear for runners and for plenty of other sports.

  1. The Streetstyle Fashionistas

The middle ground of shoes’ fashion aesthetics is covered by casual sneakers that you wear day after day and that you don’t really want to worry about. Quality and comfort are your main requirements and you are happy if they last long. A recognizable brand with these characteristics is Adidas. It’s the kind of shoe that has classic style and tradition. Decade after decade, those three stripes are simply and utterly timeless. You will always want a pair of them on your shoe shelves.

  1. The Vintage Lovers

If you are a free spirit and you wish to stand out of the crowd, an underground style probably suits you the best. Urban clothing and rugged shoes come along with it. But it’s much more than that, it’s a way of being. There may be a touch of rebellion, but it’s also about having fun with no labels attached. The sneakers you choose are just the ultimate expression of yourself. An iconic brand of this kind of style is Converse. Their gender-neutral and colourful shoes have loads of history and will make you happy.

  1. The Preppy Kids

Finally, there is a category where elegance and confidence go hand in hand. Sneakers don’t necessarily have to be too sporty, they can also be classy and smart. You like being distinguished and you have an eye for sophistication. If that is the case, white Lacoste could be perfect for you. They can be easily combined with casual clothes, but that tiny crocodile is impossible to miss and you will definitely be noticed.

Picking the right sneaker may be a challenge at first. You want it to be in tune with your character and youPicking the right sneaker may be a challenge at first. You want it to be in tune with your character and your taste. If you are still not sure what is best for you, Sneakers Magazine has a quiz that can help you figure out what type of sneakerhead you are. Have fun and get ready to think of your next shoes!

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