Do professional Drummers Use Electronic Drums?

Since the introduction of electronic drums to percussion, musicians of all genres have found a new lease of life. The wonders of this invention have reverberated the music world, bringing about dramatic changes to the scene. With a massive array of features at their disposal, professional drummers can now conjure up things they wouldn’t have ever dreamt if they were using their standard drum sets. 

While many brands churn out their electronic drums, no one meets the standards like the Alesis command mesh, a masterpiece that has increased professional drummers’ keenness to use electronic drums. In this article, we attempt to ascertain the reasons why professional drummers use electronic drums.

  1. Portability: The first reason professional drummers use electronic drums is that they are portable and compact compared to their traditional counterparts. Instinctively, a drummer would opt for a drum that takes lesser space, affording him full reins over the whole drum set. Also, professional drummers prefer a drum set they can easily set up on a concert stage, as they would in a trailer or park. Also, since the sounds produced are generated electronically, the drums are suitable for smaller spaces. That’s because they don’t always have to be as big as the traditional drum sets to make desired sounds. Therefore, professional drummers who prioritize portability and saving space always opt for electronic drums. 
  2. Freedom to Practice: Since the Electronic Drum was introduced to the scene, practicing has never been the same for professional drummers. Initially, practicing used to be an arduous task for both the drummer and those around him. Often, the drummer has to move to a more secluded place for practicing. Most professional drummers often give up their drumming sessions to avoid constituting noise to their neighbors. 

However, with electronic drums, professional drummers can practice anywhere they desire, as they can set the volume, dial it up or down as they wish. Also, they can practice with their headphones on without even making the slightest noise. With this feature, it is easy for professional drummers to practice anywhere or any time of the day. Furthermore, the electronic drums also allow professional drummers to create soundtracks without involving microphones and other equipment that can constitute noise. 

  1. For Versatility: With traditional drums, sound can be predictable. However, the electronic drums allow you to change your sounds with the click of a button. So, depending on the genre you are playing, you can always switch to a sound or tone that produces the occasion’s right effect. The electronic drum boasts a wide array of sound effects at your disposal that ensures you can do more with the click of a button than you will ever do sweating over a traditional drum set.
  2. In-built Features: Another reason why electronic drums became a more viable option for professional drummers over its traditional counterpart is that it boasts exciting new features that make drumming a more seamless operation. From an impressive built-in jack that links your drum to other devices to connect your headphones, professional drummers can enjoy additional features like recording your drumming sessions to virtual coaches or other tools that make practicing on the electronic drum easier. You can also plug in your smartphone and play along to a particular sound seamlessly. With these features mentioned, professional drummers can always practice better conditions, monitor their progress, and complete respective challenges that make them better percussionists. 
  3. It makes recording easier: For professional drummers who partake in frequent studio sessions, recording with the traditional drum set can be an uphill task, as the drummers have to soundproof the room and invest in large microphones, quality recording sets, and other amplifiers before they can get desired sounds out if their drums. Meanwhile, electronic drums employ an array of exciting features that make recording drumming sessions a seamless task. With the electronic drums, you can quickly join your drum set to your PC, where your sounds are directed to the sound mixer, where it is immediately analyzed. 


No doubt, professional drummers have a wide variety of reasons to need electronic drums. From the ease it brings to their drumming session to new in-built professional features they can enjoy. Professional drummers have now discovered more unique ways to contribute more to a sound’s well-being than they would ever realize using their traditional drum set. 

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