Katy Perry’s mediation make-up routine

Katy Perry “meditates and relaxes” while having her make-up done.

Katy Perry’s make-up artist still refers to her as ‘sleeping beauty’ after applying the singer’s cosmetics while she was snoozing.

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The 29-year-old pop star isn’t afraid to go all out with her beauty looks, especially when on tour. Todd Delano helps brings Katy’s visions to life and is currently on the road with her on her Prismatic Tour. He still remembers the first ever time he used his magic on the ‘Roar’ singer.

“The first time I did her make-up while she was sleeping, which we refer to as ‘sleeping beauty.’ But we actually don’t do that anymore,” he smiled to allure.com. “She will still rest her head back while I’m doing her liner – it’s a good moment for her to meditate and relax.”

He also explained how Katy is “superadventurous” with her style, and that she’s willing to try anything.

Things may go swimmingly when it comes to agreeing on a look, but Todd admits there have been some messy incidents while tending to the musician.

“You learn fast that glitter sticks to everything, so it’s important to dust loose powder under the eyes to catch the fallout,” he explained. “Of course, I have spilled a jar of glitter, which turns into a beautiful (but messy) disaster…”

Katy has been open and honest about her complexion in the past, admitting she has oily skin. Todd tends to this problem as best as he can, using a product from CoverGirl which Katy is a face of.

“I make sure her skin is clean and hydrated before I begin, and I almost always prep her skin with primer. As for foundation, right now I’m loving CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation for Katy, because it’s oil-free and actually pulls oil and sweat away from your face rather than trapping it under your foundation,” he added.

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