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The Most Often Faked Brands Revealed

You can find the unique statistics of the most faked brand given by Nikita Chen, the CEO of the online authentication company LegitGrails.

“The issue of counterfeit brands is very severe from which the original brands, as well as customers, suffer, that is why the idea of creating the website offering authentication services came to me. We want to help people in making the right and safe decisions when purchasing branded items. We gathered statistics of brands that are most requested for legit check services, and naturally, those brands and items are most counterfeited too”.

The List Of The Most Often Faked Brands

At some point in our lives, we’ve all come across a counterfeit object that seemed so real that it made us doubt ourselves. Counterfeit goods have been around for a long time, but the internet has made them considerably more accessible.

Selling and purchasing counterfeit goods is prohibited in many countries, including the United States, fake products can be made in any factory, even in those we least expect to find such illegal activities. Production is not as tightly monitored as it should be.

It may appear absurd at first, yet counterfeit items have the potential to damage thousands of people. First and foremost, because fraudulent goods are frequently presented as genuine goods, the customer is inevitably a victim.

Aside from that, counterfeit goods are frequently created with dangerous materials that might hurt you and your loved ones. In addition to the consumer, counterfeited brands may suffer damage to their reputation as a result of the inferior quality product that is advertised as genuine.

To avoid getting caught in a trap, we advise you to use authentication services before you make a purchase on an unknown website. The team member will legit check your item in the shortest amount of time and get you an authenticity certificate too.

Now, let’s review some of the most counterfeited brands and items.

After a little investigation, searching for brands that are most commonly replicated, therefore most requested for legit check services. Here is the list:

Rolex – When it comes to counterfeited goods, Rolex is the most desired brand, hence it is the most frequently reproduced. The explanation for this could be that Rolex watches are high-quality, extremely durable, and extremely coveted, but their costs are out of reach for most people, which is why some individuals opt to buy imitation Rolex watches.

Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton clothing, bags, and accessories are well-known all over the world, which is why it is the second most imitated brand after Rolex. Despite Louis Vuitton’s zero-tolerance policy against counterfeiting, some people nevertheless manage to do so, and the unlucky ones suffer the consequences.

Gucci – Gucci is one of the most counterfeited luxury brands, with Gucci belts and bags being the most counterfeited items today. With the help of authentication guides, you can legit check your Gucci bag and other Gucci items on your own to make sure all accessories are original.

Gucci – Marmont Bag

Gucci is the most counterfeited luxury brand on TikTok, which should come as no surprise. According to the report, the brand has 13.6 million TikTok hashtag views to fake Gucci products, with bags and belts appearing to be the most counterfeited items on the social site.

Because it is one of the most legit checked models that enter the mailbox, the Gucci GG Marmont bag could certainly be proclaimed the team’s favorite. This handbag’s classic style attracts a lot of attention from premium fashionistas all over the world. The details that should be examined very closely are the leather and hardware quality, the iconic GG buckle, quilting, and chain.

The price for the mini Gucci Marmont bag is $2,100 USD on the official Gucci website.

North Face – Jackets 

The North Face is a well-known brand that is worn by people of all ages. The brand was created in San Francisco’s North Beach district for outerwear, skiwear, boots, packs, tents, and sleeping bags for the worst conditions. What we like about the North Face is that its clothes are not only stylish, but they also keep you warm even in the coldest temperatures. 

The North Face jackets seem to be the go-to clothing item for hiking lovers. The success of the brand attracted the attention of counterfeit factories, which produce thousands of North Face reproductions each year and sell them very commonly.

Adidas – Yeezy slides 

The success of Yeezy started back in 2007 when the first high-top sneakers were released and instantly became a huge success.

Yeezy slides are well-known for their comfort and cool design, which has made the brand extremely famous. People may be motivated to buy counterfeit Yeezys not just because they are pricey, but also because they are in limited supply, making it difficult even for those willing to pay the original price for a real pair.

The retail price for Yeezy slides is $60 US and it varies from vendor to vendor.

Nike – Jordan 4 Black Cat

Nike is a sportswear brand that may be worn on the street or in the gym. The most crucial aspect of the brand is its vision and mission, which are designed to keep people engaged and encourage them to never stop striving for greatness.

When it comes to the Jordan 4 Black Cat, there are a few aspects that can be copied that you should be aware of in order to identify a fake pair. The counterfeit brands do not employ the same high-quality materials, making the discrepancies in colors, forms, soles, and stitchings easier to spot. Examining the package and checking the internal tag is also a good idea.

The retail price tag for the Jordan 4 Black Cat is $190 USD.


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