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Rachel Zoe has said that she feels “uncomfortable” when she exposes her knees as she thinks they look “chickeny”.

The iconic stylist always impresses with her chic outfits and has dressed the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner for the red carpet.

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Speaking about her own body, Rachel admits there are areas which she isn’t happy with. She follows some valuable advice when choosing ensembles to wear.

“Coco Chanel once said that showing your knees was ‘hardly ever pretty’. I don’t like my knees. I can’t even pinpoint why, exactly, except to say that they look a little chickeny. Rationally, I know that my joints are totally normal. But the reality is that I am uncomfortable when I expose them. So I don’t,” Rachel explained to You Mag.

“Instead, I dress to highlight my upper body, thanks to a long torso, defined, feminine shoulders and an elongated neck. Once you know which areas you want to accentuate, focus on necklines, silhouettes, sleeves and hemlines that do just that. Fashion is a lot like magic, and over years of styling dozens of women, I have developed more than a few tricks for highlighting your best features.”

It isn’t just clothing which Rachel is a fan of. Although she doesn’t cover her skin in products, the 42-year-old fashionista has several beauty favourites which she regularly uses.

“[My favourite make-up is] Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow and bronze stick; Tom Ford lipstick and nail polish; Nars The Multiple [make-up stick]. I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I love it,” she added.

“[I wouldn’t leave the house without] a deep-berry lipstick and a few jacket options. The weather in LA varies by 20 degrees during the day so I always change my jackets at least twice.”

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