Rita Ora on how she expresses style by flashing the flesh

Singer Rita Ora has been taking fashion risks since she was a young girl and never gets embarrassed.

Rita Ora believes she has been exploring her crazy side via her clothing choices since she can remember.


The British singer isn’t afraid to express herself via her outfit choices, happily flashing the flesh in daring pieces on the red carpet. It’s not something she’s become comfortable with with age; Rita has always been the first to try a new trend.

“I’ve liked taking those risks since I was a little girl,” she smiled to Joy magazine. “I can live that side of myself through fashion; I can be a bit crazy. Many people take life too seriously. I just like having fun and feel very comfortable expressing that via the clothes I wear. I love experimenting!”

Rita, 25, was also quizzed on the outfits that boost her mood. Rather than picking just one look, she cited musician Pharrell Williams’ style.

“I just love his vibe!” she gushed. “When I have a bad day I just look at a picture of him and think: ‘I need that hat, those jeans, that jacket…’ Done!”

Rita is also thinking ahead to summer. It might still be chilly outside, but the singer has some idea of what she’ll be rocking when the sun’s out.

“I saw a lot of lace and transparent pieces on the catwalks in New York and London,” she revealed. “Playful, feminine pieces that are also very relaxed – that’s my personal trend for summer 2016!”

Rita may be totally open when it comes to fashion, but it has resulted in the odd wardrobe malfunction. However, even these can’t faze the star.

“It’s fun,” Rita laughed to The Sun “It has happened to me lots so I am not paranoid about it anymore. You end up losing track of them.

“Whatever, you have got to take some risks in fashion. That was a risk that I took and I am proud of it.”

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