Nigella Lawson says she is hard to please in the kitchen

Nigella Lawson admits she is a “complete nightmare” to make a cup of tea for.

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has admitted she travels with her own kettle and mug to ensure the perfect brew wherever she is.

Nigella Lawson

The TV chef enjoys her daily cuppa made in a specific manner and admits: “I am incredibly precise and I know exactly how I want it.”

Lawson also doesn’t make any diva demands when it comes to her “rider” and only asks for tea mugs, a kettle and milk in the hotel room fridge.

Although she admits that these days she travels with her own kettle and has started travelling with her own mug because others are “not big enough”.

“I am a complete nightmare to make tea for”.

The 56 said “I like it very strong with some milk in it and I have to have it at the optimum temperature which is just after it’s too hot but before it gets anywhere near room temperature.”

She estimates she drinks “nearer to twelve than eight mugs” of tea a day.

“I can’t wash up the mug that I’m using until the recipe is completed or what I’m writing is completed,” she said.

Tea has always been in the Lawson family. Her mother Vanessa Salmon was heiress to the Lyons Coffee House dynasty, and she said her grandfather was “said to have the best nose in Mincing Lane”, a reference to the London street that became well-known for its tea establishments.

She went on to say “My treat is some toast and good bitter marmalade and a mug of tea, but that’s not an everyday matter – I often do that on a Saturday or Sunday,” she explained.

Nigella returns to TV screens in Australia on MasterChef as a guest judge, alongside Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.

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