Spencer actress Kristen Stewart now owns Princess Diana’s wardrobe

Kristen Stewart was gifted “all of the clothes” she wore as Princess Diana for ‘Spencer’

Kristen Stewart as Diana in Spencer

The 31-year-old actress received her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s 2021 historical fiction film, and Jacqueline Durran acted as the costume designer.

When shooting had wrapped, Kristen was allowed to keep all of the clothes which were recreations of the garments worn in real-life by Diana – the ex-wife of Prince Charles and mother to Prince William and Prince Harry who died in August 1997 at the age of 36.

Now The 31-year old actress – who received her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the late royal in Pablo Larraín’s 2021 historical fiction film ‘Spencer’ admits she felt empowered playing the princess and the role in which we see The first iconic look we talk about is Princess Diana, made her believe she could bring people together, just as the beloved Princess of Wales did in her lifetime.

Kristen revealed: “Jacqueline gave me like all of the clothes. Is it Robert De Niro who keeps everything he’s ever touched in a movie or something like that? Or maybe it’s Jack Nicholson. One of the big shots always does that. I usually also don’t take stuff because you think you’re going to want it because you’re so attached to it then, but then you can’t just have this weird little treasure box of I don’t know. I’ve usually been like, ‘I’m going to leave this here.’

“But I have almost every piece of wardrobe that I wore in the movie because she wanted to give it to me. She was like, ‘These belong to you. I don’t need them.’ I was like, ‘That’s wild.’ So I have all of my stuff.”

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The ‘Twilight Saga’ star said: “She creates clothes that aren’t costumes, even though they tell their own story. They have such unbelievable integrity. Everything’s real. Every pocket’s real. The way she tells her story with the clothing as well isn’t something she ever articulates.

“I’ve done an interview with her recently. I moderated a Q A with her. She really wants other people to have the experience and not articulate exactly all of her intention. But that intention is so precise, and it’s always there. Every color choice, every moment. Even though it’s like she’s so able to pivot, in the moment, and the movie comes together day by day, and it’s not always by perfect design, but her instincts are that of a true artist. She loves what she does, and she absolutely is a virtuoso fucking costume designer. One of the best I’ve ever worked with my whole life.”

‘Spencer’ is a fictional reimagining of the Princess of Wales’ life and marriage to Charles, 73, and is loosely based on a tense family Christmas Diana spent with her royal in-laws, including Queen Elizabeth, in 1991.

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The name ‘Spencer’ was derived from the Spencer tiara which graced Diana’s head on the day of her wedding to Prince Charles. The royal diadem was on loan to the princess from the queen’s personal collection.

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