Street style staple: Eyewear accessories becoming ultimate fashion trend

‘Sticking to the aughts’, the fashion crowd is moving towards trends that intersect and differ from mainstream fashion and still hold on to individuality. And there is no better way to express oneself and make a statement than street-style fashion. 

We believe the addictive facet of fashion is comfort, and a particular style is well spoken once when the trend and comfort meet, and street style fashion is everything about comfort. 

Voicing the casuals 

The street style existed way before high-end fashion and one profound and distinctive development we witness in the current trend is the shift from high culture to the trend that derives from various social strata. 

A positive shift, a perpetual style, and shared identities, the style that speaks volumes of expression! 

One accessory that has really made us sit up and pay attention is eyewear. Ranging from high fashion to street style, smartly adapting to fashion changes, and turning into a staple daily pick. 

Eyewear of the aughts 

Eyewear has become a sartorial status quo and served the fashion shift for years. This year streetwear across the fashion industry has been inspired by the aughts and you exactly know what it means! It’s time to rummage your wardrobe and get every eyewear that you have worn post-2000s and before 2010. 

If you have still not made up your mind about where to get these trending eyewear from, you need to give Specscart a try. At Specscart, you have a wide option to select from, ranging from different shapes, colours, and styles. You just name them and they have it. With their premium quality range and affordable prices, get all ready to have a wardrobe just for your glasses. 

With the input of the experts, we have curated a list of eyewear styles and trends that will cater to the needs of your street-style fashion. Read on!

Bold & Bright colours

You can love to hate or hate to love, but cannot stop from bringing back the ghosts of august. Bright colours and bold textures have landed at the right time and at the right place where street-style fashion is gaining momentum. 

Bright shades of orange and red when paired with a contrast of colours, like a purple t-shirt. Let’s warn you, you might get hooked on this trend!

Just like a fresh breeze, these captivating colours have way more to offer, all you have to do is let them in. 

Cat-eye sunglasses 

‘Upsweeps like no other’, cat-eye sunnies have taken the styling part quite seriously and there is no better way to style them than pairing them with a baggy tux, and extreme cut-outs. Hitting the streets of fashion capitals around the world, these bold works will make a statement. 

Looking for a pair for yourself? Well, all you have to do is buy women’s glasses from Specscart. With their fabulous street-style details, you cannot miss the chance to get them all by yourself. 

Athleisure to daily fashion 

Did you know sports glasses are a thing now? Well, it is hard to miss something as big and bold that screams style. Sports glasses and sunglasses are everything with a dose of cool-girl rebellion. 

They perfectly leave the space for denim to slide in and look cooler and better with them. They give a retro-futuristic style when worn, a complete complement to dynamic denim. 

Bigger the better 

Remember the era of super big glasses? It might be tough to not remember them! Screaming festive and cool vibes, these are perfect when paired with a unitard. Take a stroll to the wild side and just keep the rest of the outfit minimal, let your eyewear do the talking. With a forward feel, while remaining classic, these big glasses are sure the centre of attraction with high impact. 

Now, all you have to do is find that one perfect pair, and there is nowhere better to be than Specscart, as their collection will definitely help you in triggering your inner street style enthusiast. 

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