The Essential Abaya Fabric Guide

Whatever dress you wear, comfort is the top priority. Similar is the case with wearing an abaya. You can carry different kinds of styles but when it comes to the fabric, there should be no compromise. For instance, if you live in a hot country, wearing a padded abaya is totally out of the question. Similarly, those who reside in a cold country, they will not be comfortable wearing a light-fabric abaya. Therefore, the fabric is the main player in ensuring comfort.

So, what are the common fabrics? Luckily, abaya comes in a number of fabrics giving you freedom of choice. Some of the most common fabrics include crepe, georgette, cotton, silk, dobby, chiffon, and taffeta. FeradJe is a multinational brand. Scroll their vast collection to upgrade your wardrobe.

Apart from these, there are some other fabrics too which I will discuss with you today.

So, let’s see what fabrics to choose for your abaya.

An Easy Guide To Abaya Fabric

As discussed earlier, abayas come in a variety of fabrics. When choosing one, it is good to consider the style too. For instance, a paddedfabric will complement the overcoat-style abaya, while a frock-style abaya or an A-line style will look perfect in silk or chiffon fabric. 

What other fabrics can you choose from? Let’s find out!

  1. Linen Fabric

When it comes to fabrics, linen is the top choice. This is because apart from having greater strength than cotton, it is also very good at heat conduction. Consequently, it keeps you cool even in very hot summers. This makes linen the ultimate choice for women living in hot countries. Lastly, if you choose it in a light color, it gives off a very cool vibe.

  1. Jersey Fabric

If you want a fitted look, then the jersey fabric is a perfect choice. This fabric is usually used for making skirts, tops, and dresses. Therefore, when this fabric is used for an abaya, it gives the same fitted yet chic look. Moreover, if you pair it with long boots, the look is perfect for a night out with friends or a casual dinner party.

  1. Silk Fabric

For a flowing look, silk is the best garment. The best part about silk is that whether you choose a light or a dark color, it gives a very trendy look. Moreover, the addition of a belt over a silk can help you give a fitted look to it. For a more festive look, you can choose a silk with stonework. 

  1. Nidha Fabric

Another perfect summer wear fabric is Nidha. Since it is 100% polyester, it is highly suitable for summer wear. Moreover, its stretchability makes it an even better option. This further comes in two types. The lightweight Nidha fabric abayas can be worn in scorching summers while the medium-weight Nidha fabric abayas are suitable wear in tropical climates.

  1. Chiffon Fabric

The chiffon fabric is an ideal choice for both summer and winter wear. If worn without a lining, it serves as a transparent robe. On the other hand, if you get one with a matching lining, it is perfect as a closed front frock style abaya. Due to its flowy nature, embroidered chiffon is highly suitable for festive wear. You can also style it with some funky jewelry like enamel pins to add more glamour to your look. The fabric is also great for creating a contemporary silhouette with pleated detailing and ruffles, giving it a modern look. Chiffon is also lightweight, making it comfortable to wear the abaya throughout the day and night.

  1. Crepe Fabric

The crepe is a twisted woven fabric and can be embellished too. It gives a velvet-like texture and is available in a number of colors. The best part about a pure crepe is that if you buy stonework or an embroidered one, it is perfect as wedding wear and does not even need jewelry for an enhanced look. Moreover, it gives a sleek look making it perfect for every body type.

  1. Georgette Fabric

One of the most commonly used fabrics for is georgette. This is quite similar to chiffon but has better strength and can be worn in summer and tropical climates. The best part about a georgette is that it is easy to carry and has a flowing nature.

  1. Net Abaya

You would have seen net frocks and shirts, but now you can buy a net too. These also come with closed or open fronts. In the case of an open-front abaya, you can use it as a robe, pair it with high heels and a hijab, and you are good to go.

  1. Cotton Abaya

Cotton is one of the most comfortable and commonly used fabrics in countries with tropical climates. Owing to its heat-conductive nature, this fabric will keep you free of sweat even on a hot day.


An abaya is not only religious wear for Muslim but is also emerging as trendy wear around the globe. Therefore, when you have to choose an abaya, look for the right fabric first. Once you have got the fabric, you can choose the style that you can carry easily.

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