Top 5 Movie Characters that Wear Waistcoats

When it comes to creating a good character, one must first build a memorable image and this will require a few pieces of clothing that will be interesting to the audience. And some of the most iconic characters in history, share one thing in common, a waistcoat which is a unique item of clothing. To understand what made these characters stand out, here are the top 5 Movie Characters that not only wear them but have inspired mens waistcoats.

Woody (Toy Story)

Sheriff Woody Pride from Toy Story is without a doubt, one of the greatest characters ever made. He was inspired by the famous western actor, Woody Strode, and this is reflected in our beloved character’s clothing style. From the cowboy hat to denim trousers and boots, Woody is truly an icon that showcased the wild wild west fashion to the modern generations. However, it is the cow print waistcoat over a yellow check shirt that made Woody one of the most memorable characters that we know and love today. With Sheriff Woody Pride, the cowboy style will live on and that cow print waistcoat will always be a favored festival costume for all his fans.

Joker (Dark Knight)

The Joker from the Dark Knight is one of the most celebrated villains in history and is also an icon in his own right. He is a very intriguing character and although a villain, his negative deeds are comprehensible. Clearly, there is more to love and hate about The Joker but his outfit choice serves as a thread that connects everything together. The Joker is known for his purple suit which portrays sharpness but underneath, he wears a green vest that displays a violent clash of colors that exhibits his madness and creativity. 

Robin (Batman TV series)

Robin is the ultimate sidekick of Batman who is a popular superhero from the Batman TV series. With a variety of arch villains that Batman needs to fight in Gotham City, he definitely needs a sidekick that will help him fulfill the tasks at hand. However, Robin is more than just a supporting role for he has gathered a cult following for himself and became an icon worthy of people’s attention. What made Robin a true icon is his colorful outfit, especially his red vest with a letter R symbol that makes it even more memorable. The yellow cape, green pants, and shirt with the red vest on top showed an air of playfulness that we all love.

Top Cat (cartoon)

Top Cat is the lead and titular character from an animated show in the 60s. Although a notorious swindler, he is known for being a loyal friend who defends his gang at all times. Top Cat is a classic figure that we’ve all grown to love. And his purple vest that matches perfectly with his hat makes him look more interesting than any other cat on TV. Aside from the fun storyline about gangster cats evading a local cop, the show also teaches loyalty which was always portrayed by Top Cat. Perhaps, there is no better cat who can wear the purple vest and hat better than our beloved Top Cat.

Tony Montana (Scarface)

Portrayed by Al Pacino, Tony Montana is a fictional character from the film, “Scarface.” The movie revolves around Pacino’s character who was a Cuban immigrant who became a crime lord. Aside from the movie’s controversial storyline and over-the-top scenes, what made Tony Montana iconic is his smart-looking waistcoat. Tony was a self-made man who climb his way up to the top and his waistcoat simply displays his high sense of confidence in himself. It helped him to effectively portray his character which later inspired the younger generation. He may not be a perfect example in a legal sense but he sets his own values and that credits respect.

A waistcoat is a unique item of clothing worn for the purpose of function and aesthetics. Aside from providing additional pockets for its wearer, a waistcoat is also a great item that can make its wearer stand out. It takes a lot to be an icon, but the waistcoat paved the way in creating the iconic characters mentioned above. 

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