What Are The Main Sports Fashion Trends to Look Out for

For the fashion-obsessed, we take every chance to put together a memorable look, and activewear is no exceptio

Style in the fashion sense refers to the personal way in which an individual expresses himself through clothing. Style is timeless, and a person with style may or may not follow fashion trends, but it is always worth expressing yourself through clothes. Style implies a sense of self-expression through clothing, rather than simply following trends.

But if you want your style to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends, you want to keep up with the latest. Worry no further because we have selected a couple of sports fashion trends that are going to be super popular in 2023. Continue reading this article and find out which sports fashion trends and accessories you should have in your closet this season.

1. 2023 sports fashion wallets

Certain accessories are simply a must-have because they make our life easier. And here we mean, primarily, wallets and sunglasses. When it comes to wallets, the majority of people go for those able to accommodate as much as cards and other necessities as possible. As for the color of the wallet, then elegant black is the absolute ruler of the season. The black color is the easiest to fit into all fashion combinations, allowing you to always match your wallet with your sports outfit, while at the same time giving a touch of sophistication.

As with women’s wallets, according to bostanten.com the most common and stylish color that men’s wallets are available in is black. Of course, models are also available in other colors such as brown, cream, dark blue, and dark green, thanks to which it is very easy to choose the one that best suits your sports fashion style.

2. Sports sunglasses to fit every occasion

Sunglasses also belong to the group with trends that change from season to season, and in addition to proven and always chic frame shapes such as aviator, round, or cat, every spring and summer season in particular, there are also some new frame shapes that we want to try. Cat frames inspired by the charm of 70s fashion, then round shapes from the 90s, and thin Y2K frames are just some of the designs that will always be popular or are now gaining popularity again.

Sports aesthetics have long been mixed with chic clothing and fashion accessories, so this season we will have the opportunity to see athletically inspired designs. Also, in addition to sporting aesthetics, the models have a slightly futuristic design and atypical shapes. Popular models that fall into this trend are statement visor sunglasses with large lenses reminiscent of models from the 80s.

3. Handbags to go with elegant and sporty combinations

World fashion names presented on the runways at the end of last year novelties for the season we have just entered, and among them bags that come in two versions stand out – as large, chic tote bags with silk scarves, like the ones French women wear when they go to collect lavender, those tiny, shiny bags that attract attention because they look like works of art. This season, both versions will be worn in combination with your favorite outwear, even though the idea might sound a bit bold to some.

4. Low waist

It’s official, the nineties’ favorite waist is back in fashion, and sports as well, just think Shakira stage trousers and her hops don’t lie. With everything from jeans to suits, shorts to evening skirts getting the low-waist treatment, it looks like our beloved high-waist may be taking an extended vacation for Spring Summer 2023. Pair your new fashion style with a crop top for a full bottom reveal and give this fashion trend the final punch.

5. Candy pink

Step aside fuchsia; there is a new nuance to know. If you don’t want to wrap yourself in the cobalt blue that will also dominate this period, a softer, more pastel shade of pink takes over next season, welcoming a less intense, more accessible way to enter the trend. Whether you wear it sprinkled throughout your head-to-toe look or invest in a more muted accessory – you’d be wise to think pink this March.

6. Sunset ombre takes over sports fashion

There was also one very specific, romantic color trend that dominated the catwalks for spring/summer – a soft ombre sunset turned out to be an unexpected hit. Watching the red fade into orange, yellow, and white was the perfect warm antidote to the stormy winds above the September shows, offering a sense of optimism for the new season. If you spot a piece of sports trainers with this sunset motif, you won’t regret the investment.

Enough about the clothes, what about the hair?

Good news for all those who do not know how to put together perfectly symmetrical hairstyles, because in 2023 the so-called morning hair look is back in! In other words – shaggy is in! However, it is still recommended for all long-haired ladies not to tie their hair only in messy buns or simple tails, but to weave braids, which once again have their place on the catwalk. As for colors, rich browns and coppers, as well as silky blacks, are welcome, and the bravest should dare to go for pearl blue, a color that will be a real hit in 2023. There are rumors that a trend from the 2000s is also coming back – the wet hair look that was fashionable back then.

Although it may seem to you that the first quarter is not the right time to think about the trends that await us in the summer and even until the end of the year, it is precisely this time when most of the upcoming trends are discussed. Fashion for the whole year is dictated by high-end brands. Through shows and their vision of fashion for a certain season, pieces and concepts that will soon be worn by everyone in street style editions permeate. So, make sure you stay chic by following fashion news.

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