Where Next For The Kardashian-Jenner Entrepreneurial Empire?

The Kardashians have graced the silver screen for over 14 years now, yet, they haven’t rested on the laurels of the supportive upbringing provided by patriarch Robert. To the contrary, the family has gone from strength, to strength, to strength; the South China Morning Post estimates the Kardashian-Jenner family are worth over $3 billion collectively, a nod to their entrepreneurial prowess. Never staying still for long, however, the family are always looking for new ways to grow their business empire, whether that be in the world of fashion, real estate and property, or private equity financing.

Moving into fashion The Kardashians have had a long love affair with the world of fashion. As Vogue highlights, there are suggestions that the family have saved long-standing fashion houses such as Balenciaga. Their work in social media as influencers is equally well renowned, and they have modeled everything from couture dresses through to lingerie pushing the envelope of modern apparel. Moving into fashion itself, however, and owning both the brand and its production, has been longer in the making. Most recently, Kourtney Kardashian made the news with her intention to help British fashion retailer Boohoo improve its offerings while also converting to new, carbon-friendly processes. This meeting of sustainability and fashion is very in tune with modern consumer trends, and is a clear play from the family to help safeguard their future prosperity and success.

The real estate empire The family have, of course, always owned resplendent homes throughout LA. Where they have started to change the story, however, is in their purchase of homes for more than just lifestyle. The Architectural Digest highlights a few key sales made over recent years. In 2019, Kris Jenner listed Calabasas for $2.5 million. Kim purchased a development plot in La Quinta for $6.3 million back in 2018. Perhaps taking the lead is youngest relative Kylie Jenner, who owns a $36.5 million pad in Holmby Hills, a $15 million vacant lot in Hidden Hills, a plot of land in La Quinta and a $13.5 million shared mansion with Travis Scott in 2018. This shows not just a desire to have nice houses, but a keen eye for property values and the appreciation of wealth through land.

Into private equity The true path to super-billions in the USA is, of course, private equity. Investors from across the country have made their fortune on the stock markets and capital investment forums, picking winners to help grow and protect their wealth. As The Guardian highlights, Kim Kardashian partnered with veteran investor Jay Sammons to invest in her areas of interest – consumer items, media and luxury. A final step into the world of business, perhaps, this should safeguard their fortunes and keep them growing for generations to come.

The Kardashians have taken the support their father has given them and bounced on in life. Through businesses, finance and property, the family will stay relevant in the world of wealth for quite some time.

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