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Introducing MarkMeets’ Featured Music Artist For April 2023 Chase’s Place

Chase’s Place details his life’s experience on debut album. Inspired by personal experiences, Chase’s Place released an outstanding new record he’s aptly titled Spanish Living earlier this year.

His 8-track masterpiece entitled ‘Spanish Living’ is a remarkable album born from the genius mind of Finnish artist Chase’s Place. The album’s eponymous title perfectly encapsulates & documents the eye-opening time that Chase’s Place has spent in Spain since moving there. Across a two week Autumnal period, he devoted every spare minute to crafting an inch-perfect addition to his expansive discography. ‘Spanish Living,’ drew predominant inspiration from a short-stinted long distance relationship with a girl from New York and all the raw emotions from that ‘summer love’ are overtly layered into every track – as Chase’s Place himself claims, ‘all the songs are kinda made of her.’

“There´s 17 songs ready to be released right away”, said the artist.

Chase’s Place is an impressively experienced artist who has been involved in the industry for a distinctly long time. Embarking on his musical journey at age just 13, Chase’s Place has traversed the waters of the music world masterfully. He has accumulated a broad spectrum of accolades across all of Europe and has always kept one true goal at heart, ‘I ́m searching for a perfect Pop-Song! That’s my

Three minutes of perfectness!.’ His most impressive award & moment as a songwriter comes from his writing role and credit in Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev 2005 as was one of the writers of the Russian song “Nobody hurt no one” performed by Natalia Podolskaya. Additionally, he was also involved in Jazmine ́s Nightfall-album which was released in 15 European countries – a further milestone in his extensive career. Despite not being a newcomer to this industry, Chase’s Place grows in stature with every release and is determined to make further inroads

“An accelerated sound engineering. ‘Spanish Living,’ is certainly not an album to miss.” MARKMEETS MUSIC

I don´t follow the music scene so much, I just write the thoughts and melodies that come to my mind!

Most impressively, every instrument, lyric & melody was orchestrated and produced by Chase’s Place; he poured the Spanish sunshine sound into every timbre of this dense soundscape, bringing back the 90s Pop, Singer-Songwriter movement and re-inventing it utilising the products of today’s.

Each month here at MarkMeets, we celebrate either a new unsigned music star or an existing artist on the rise, and destined for stardom.

Chase’s Place” is a new refreshing independant artist on the rise” – Music reviewer MARK BOARDMAN

Be sure to follow Chase’s Place‘s journey from streaming music, buying tickets and merchandise to watching live performances when shows are announced.

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