How MarkMeets ‘Featured Artist’ Has Become A Global Music Phenomenon

Music talent in the industry love and support MARKMEETS

Get yourself heard!!

MarkMeets ‘Featured Artist is a digital platform that promotes unsigned, undiscovered, and undiscovered UK music talent. It was founded in 2002 to provide artists with the opportunity to reach a large audience.

Supporting the best, unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music from across the UK from solo artists, bands or groups and certainly and no fancy pr, manager etc is required for us to work with them.

From arranging a photoshoot, booking a studio, to organising and distrubiting an exclusive interview or posting a video premiere, there are dozens of ways we can support and introduce new music talent to the masses, including pitching for slots at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Latitude and Sundown music festivals to sharing their work on social media or arranging red carpet appearances.

Finding new music is our passion and there’s alot of it around. We love discovering those artists right from the very start of their career, supporting them across our network and putting them in front of an audience.

“The feature just works and is very relatable to a lot of people within the industry,” From totally unscripted interveiws that we can all appreciate to in-depth features on rising stars, un-signed and unknown fresh music talent that must be hard, MarkMeets award winning support of British music industry is iconic with supporters including live music showcase event mangers to festival organisers and the late Jamal Edwards, who also was a massive fan supporting of unsigned music including Dave and Ed Sheeran.

“A pioneer of new music, discovering the latest breaking artists and backing their journey all the way”.

As most artists are aware, maintaining a strong social media presence is key promoting your music and building your brand, but with so many options to choose from, which social media platforms should bands and musicians focus on? First Youtube as Video is still king, Twitter and Insta are essential and get yourself onto Spotify say

Over the years, hundreds of stars have come to us and we have been pitched to thousands of times and review each and everyone and hope to inspire the next generation of music talent. Our followers at MarkMeets have been amazing and regulary DM us their friends Youtube account, invite us to a talent show or ping across a link to someone fresh into music who haven’t even released their first demo! We don’t mind as we love hearing what they have to offer.

“It’s the weirdest thing. But I think with the music industry, it’s just so strategic said the BBC,”. “It’s just so hard to get into it, and the platform that MarkMeets offer has been so succefful in raising artist profiles and will be around for such a long time to come too. So I mean, the show’s doing something right. I love it. I absolutely love it.”

“I don’t know the magic answer to that, but I do know that it just continuously gets bigger and bigger.”

And it’s now a worldwide phenomenon with a rich and diverse background, with the BBC spinoff airing in multiple continents with industry events.

“The format is pretty simple: attend enough music showcases, network on social media, find and watch real talent in the fresh and promote the best to our engaged audience” said MarkMeets editor.

From groups like Concept, to Kingsland, Florence + the Machine, Charm of Finches, Mila Falls, Becky Hill, Rizzle Kicks, Years & Years and hundreds more – we’ve been there from the very beginning to very early stages of Clean Bandit, George Ezra, Tich, The Wanted, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber and Jess Glynne.

“MarkMeets Media have a knack of spoting emerging artists”. “There’s a lot happening in the music universe and they are recognised leaders,”.

MarkMeets Featured Music Artist‘ has a cult following around the world, and our support of them reflects that added Columbia Records.

The site is literally expanding at a remarkable rate with new content and there gonna be rolling out the brand franchise in multiple continents, beyond our flagship here in the States. It’s totally crazy. We’re so excited. We’re totally beyond proud of MarkMeets and honoured to partner with their efforts in championing new music talent. For me, the output of their work and music artists are on another level. with Jessie J being a prime example.”

“To be able to watch myself evolve over the years, I’d like to think I’ve changed for the better” another new artist said, freshly signed to another label, and all thanks to the team and promotion of MarkMeets PR.

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