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Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we’re pleased to showcase the amazing talent of solo star: Mary Spender

Mary Spender, 23,  a   musician   based   in   Bristol,   reached   #4   in   the   iTunes  Singer/Songwriter  charts  with  her  single  ‘Willpower’  released  16th  December  2013.  It   was  also  featured  on  ITV’s  ‘Tonight  Show’,  filmed  at  Peter  Gabriel’s  Real  World  Studios.

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June  30th 2014  will  see  the  release  of  the  ‘Faux  Americana ‘ EP’.  Recorded  in  London and  Nashville,  it  has  been  produced  by  Ant  West  (We  The  Wild,  Futures,  Layla)  and  recorded   with   Aaron   David   Rodgers   (Grammy   Nominated   Producer   based   in  Nashville).

Read on as we chat exclusively with Mary Spender about performing at Glastonbury and her plans for the future.

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“A unique talented artist, who mixes pop, Americana and blues sounds” – Mark Boardman (Music Journalist).

Mary Spender MarkMeets music songwriter feature

The  past  year  has  seen  Mary  support Matthew  Mayfield,  Sam  Bradley,  Trampled  by  Turtles,  Bruno  Major,  Sandi  Thom,  Ruarri  Joseph  and  comedian  Dr  Phil  Hammond.  She  played  at  Ronnie  Scotts  and  Glastonbury  Festival,  completed  a  solo  tour  of  the  UK, Germany and  USA, and  was  even  described  as  ‘one  to  watch’  by  Seasick  Steve when  he  caught  her  set  at  the  Larmer  Tree  Festival.

Having  graduated  from  Bristol  University  with  a  BA  (Hons)  degree  in  classical  music, Mary  engineered  and produced  her  last  two  releases  ‘The  Eclectic  EP’  and ‘Live  in  Philadelphia’ which  are  both  available  online.  ‘Ignite’  from  ‘The  Eclectic  EP’  won  the  open  category  at  the  UK  Songwriting  Contest  2012

Exclusive Interview

How different was the recording environment feel in Nashville compared to London?
Being in a studio is a similar experience wherever you are, but it’s the people involved that make the difference.
Recording in Nashville was a very unexpected and unique experience. Along with a friend, the US manager for Vigier Guitars, we went to Aaron David Rodgers’ studio (Grammy Nominated Producer and Engineer) for a drink but I couldn’t resist picking up a beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar and playing a few grooves. He asked if I was currently recording anything as he hadn’t heard my music before. Having finished two tracks with Ant West in London, I said that I wanted to record two more for a new EP when he said “Let’s do it now” and we did. We began at 11pm and finished at 6am and ended up recording ‘Paperback’ and ‘Melancholy Parade’ off the new ‘Faux Americana – EP’. A very satisfying, but tiring experience, which was very Nashville!
Which venue for you would top performing at Glastonbury Festival?
The Colston Hall Main Room in Bristol would be a dream come true. I’ve witnessed some of the most inspiring performances ever there, and hope that I can grace that stage someday as a singer/songwriter. I have performed as a classical musician there (on viola) with my University Symphony Orchestra.

You’re performing in Germany soon, how did that opportunity come about?
I’ve always heard great things about the singer/songwriter music scene in Germany, and got to experience it for the first time last year (2013),when I booked a short five date tour. The response was so great, that I was invited back in June this year. I don’t have management so I sort my own bookings, so it was my own general inquisitiveness, research and “neckiness” that got me the shows in Germany.

Do you think doing it the hard way makes you an artist rather than a singer/performer?
What is the hard way!? Grafting has always been important to me, I’ve never been one to sit around and wait for things to happen. I am out performing my songs as often as possible and learning and hopefully improving my craft. I really enjoy seeing which songs work in front of a crowd, often a room full of ….strangers. I call myself a musician first, rather than artist/singer/performer. For me, my performance is entertainment, and I feel the audience can draw different things from the show – whether that’s from my voice, my lyrics or the stories I tell, or just the enjoyment of my percussive guitar work.
What are your favourite covers to perform live?
I enjoy doing rather strange covers for my own entertainment. Recently I had a long drive to a show in Kent (about a 300 mile round trip) so I gave myself the challenge of learning the rap from ‘Superbass’ by Nicki Minaj. It’s rather out of my comfort zone, but I just about pull it off!
Interview by Entertainment Journalist,  PR Professional & Social & Media Expert Mark Boardman

Here is the link to her latest live video: Melancholy Parade

Music Video for MarkMeets.

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