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MOONWOOD are a Dreamy, Untamed Indie Alt/rock band from Sydney comprised of five Australian, American, and Canadian friends. Jake (lead vocals), Justin (drums), Aaron (keys), Will (bass), and Paul (guitar) combine untamed analogue synth lines with dreamy guitar leads and introspective storytelling to create a sound that is a unique take on alternative rock.

” I absolutely love Wormwood”. Mark Boardman – music journalist.

The debut EP ‘Everything We Once Knew‘ gives listeners a place they can belong through untamed analog synth lines, with dreamy guitar leads and introspective storytelling.

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“The ten days we spent there would change our lives in ways we could not have imagined,” Jake says.
Our small studio was set up in the middle of the bush, four hours west of Sydney, in a solar-powered house.

We set up our instruments, hit the record button, and the rest is history. We couldn’t believe what we’d done.”

Thematically, the EP is inspired by a difficult period in lead singer Jake’s life, when he was struggling to adjust to major life changes, including the loss of his grandmother, the separation of his parents, and being thousands of miles away from his loved ones.

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MOONWOOD have created a world where people can feel like they belong somewhere through their six songs, achieving their ultimate goal in composing this EP. 

Starting off with “Notice me” we’re welcomed by a bombastic sound of ambience and dreamy, flashing guitars. The very first lyrics state, “Let me be clear, you don’t know everything about me”, immediately allowing the listener to resonate with the feeling that comes from being misunderstood by others and the struggle to feel seen. 

Everything We Once Knew, their new six-track EP, was primarily written during a 10-day writing retreat in 2020.

“Let Wordwood music take you to a lighter, happy, fun space” MarkMeets Music

“Big Red Sun” is a song about a dysfunctional relationship which is easily distinguishable from the outset, but difficult when you’re in it and swept away by rose-colored glasses.

Then there is “Slow Down”, a track which illustrates the tension that surrounds conflict and the attempts to heal. It’s a song that speaks of love, patience, and tolerance. Building sonically throughout, it reflects the increasing tension between two individuals, navigating the need to repair and resolve the misunderstanding between two lovers, which is a result of their unspoken issues and differences.

The warm and passionate “Sydney Lights” describes setting one’s sights on the future and letting go of the past. Written about Jake’s own experiences transitioning from America to Australia, the beautifully melancholic track touches on the weight of not being able to travel, and consequently finding a new appreciation and gratitude for Sydney. Jake shares, “As a result of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting still, not being able to travel or leave the state. We have had no choice but to stay in our homes to think and reflect. It was in that place that this song was born. I remember growing a deeper appreciation of Sydney. Not being able to travel allowed me to fall in love with this city all over again.”

Exclusive interview with Moonwood

What Does Your Band Name Mean?
The band name is derived from the street name that Jake (lead vocals) grandparents lived on. Jake has fond memories associated with the house on that street. On our first writing retreat we wrote a song called Moonwood Drive which will hopefully see the light of day as a release sometime in the future!

How did you first get into music?
We all first got into music by playing at our local churches. Through this we gained live playing skills. Church is also how the band members met each other and was eventually formed.

Who would you most like to collaboration with right now?
We’re a brand-new band and we are super keen to get to know as many people as possible in the industry. Any collaboration is good collaboration for us as long as they share the same passion for great music that we do! However, being from all around the world we do have some dream venues we would love to play in. Some bucket list venues would have to be Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, and stadiums such as Madison Square Garden.

How long did the new LP take to create and where did you record the masterpiece?
The LP was first written in 2020 at our Capertee writing retreat and from there it took us until August of 2021 to have all of the completed mastered tracks. From August we took our time releasing three singles before December and then finally the EP was released at the end of April. It was a lot of fun, but it certainly came with some challenges and steep learning curves. I think our organizational skills across the board have improved somewhat, although Grant our producer/manager might disagree.

When can we expect some live tour dates?
We are definitely still trying to figure out a live tour. But hopefully towards the second half of the year we will have some official live tour dates for you. At the moment we have been steadily playing as many gigs around the Sydney region as we possibly can which has been a blast.

Bringing the EP to a close, “Us Against the World” is about going through the ups and downs in life with the ones you care most about. Something happens when you find someone who backs you and stands for everything you are. Jake confides, “This sentiment has been particularly relevant given the past couple of years have been extremely difficult, but the one thing that has grounded me, is staying close to the people I cherish. Being surrounded by the ones that you love is what really matters.”

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