Morgan Johnston Featured Artist August 2022 On MarkMeets Music

MEET Morgan Johnston Featured Artist August 2022 On MarkMeets Music

Rising singer-songwriter and hailing from Massachusetts, Morgan Johnston made the move to Nashville to pursue her music dreams.

In Nashville, there are more emerging artists on the scene than ever before. Morgan Johnston is one of the rarities that shines out from the rest. She brings conviction, authenticity, and talent that makes her one to watch.

The singer-songwriter’s story began in New England, unconventional from many southern country artists. “My parents always played country music so it was something I gravitated to,” says Johnston. After making the move to Nashville, Johnston grew into her love of songwriting even more.

The star who is the new one to watch!

Johnston is a songstress that we simply adore! We are excited to watch “After Me” continue to make waves in the music scene.

Music City provided the singer a foundation to meet other writers and artists, including Brett Young. Johnston credits Young for giving her the boost she felt she needed. Johnston began playing at numerous hot spots in Nashville, including Whiskey Jam.

As a songwriter, Johnston has to feel like she’s being genuine with her listeners and fans; she doesn’t know differently. “I don’t know how to be anything but authentic. I think I owe it to people to say what they might not be able to say for themselves,” Johnston exclaims with a sense of youthful wisdom.

With a nostalgic and contemplative feel, this song is about a girl who is reflecting on the complex feelings of what it would be like to be with someone, after they had to lose herMARKMEETS MUSIC

Artists have every right to choose what they decide to include in their music, which can be a hard line for them to walk. Sometimes what the artist is going through is exactly what their fans are feeling too, and they can help them process their emotions with every lyric penned. Johnston is a singer that understands how important that connection is.

Read the interview further below.

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New interview with Morgan Johnston

I know your personal style of music blends the country and pop genres. So if you had to describe your sound without using those genre names, how would you describe it?

I love to story tell and with this EP I really focused on that. Every song on this EP, except for one, is a true story written specifically about me during different stages of my life. I would describe this EP as lyrically driven, and melodically diverse.

Her new single “After Me” touches on the mixed emotions of watching someone grow without you. Johnston explains, “This song is definitely what happens when the person you were with goes off and becomes the person you always wanted them to be. You sit there and think, ‘Why couldn’t you be like that for me?'”

The track is an absolutely relatable anthem for people everywhere” – Music reviewer MARK BOARDMAN

It’s easy to feel the heartache in Johnston’s voice as she sings lines “After me, you take time to call your mom back, see the greener in the long grass, found a place to plant your feet.”

I hope that this song makes you reflect, I hope it makes you feel seen and validated, and most importantly, I hope it reminds you to be precious with the love you choose to give.” On the track, Johnston reminds us all to know our worth and that it is okay to yearn for a past relationship at the same time.

Morgan Johnston’s new track, “After Me” is out now. Be sure to follow Morgan Johnston online and share your thoughts with us too.

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