PAIGE ASHLEY YOUNG is the featured artist for April 2014 at MarkMeets

Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we’re pleased to showcase the amazing talent of solo star: Paige Ashley Young.

Paige Ashley Young

The 20 year old singer has been turning heads and exciting ears in London and LA studios for the past year. She has found famous fans in A$AP Rocky, Akon, Wacka Flocka Flame and Borgore. When Borgore heard Paige singing in LA he was blown away and immediately asked her to feature on his latest single ‘Wild Out’ which came out late last year.

Read on as we chat exclusively with Paige about Music, America, Beyonce and her her new single ‘WAIT’

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It seems the celebrity fans can’t keep away from Paige and tracks with A$AP and Akon are now in the pipeline. Paige’s first solo offering is ‘Wait’ – a massive pop anthem produced by Noslen Sivad (Big Sean, Machine gun Kelly) which has seen comparisons to Miley and Katy Perry so far!

“Paige has a natural ability to interpret a song and deliver it everytime.” – Mark Boardman (Music Journalist).

PAIGE ASHLEY YOUNG featured artist for April 2014 at
PAIGE ASHLEY YOUNG featured artist for April 2014 at

How did you find recording in LA?
It was an amazing experience, I got to work with some really cool people in the studio who were amazing! In America everyone’s energy was just wicked. I’m hoping to go out there soon actually to record some more songs and get some records done.

Everyone is really quite cool and calm out there. I love it out there as they have a different vibe.

Will you be working with Akon this year?
We’re in talks in that my management have been speaking with their management but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

What can you tell us about your brand new single ‘Wait’?
That song came from one of my first ever sessions in America when I was out there for one month. I had just gotten off the plane and so I was so jet lagged having had no sleep I went into the session to meet the writer and producer who has just done Big Sean’s new single. He said to me I want to know what your vocal range is about and I was just learning about melodies and then because I hadn’t slept I was feeling sick throughout the whole session but came out with the best song from the whole trip and obviously it’s my single so, that was definitely a session to remember.

The song is an experience of mine about an ex-boyfriend. I’m sure every girl and guy can relate to it as it’s basically about a breakup and going back and forth with someone who won’t commit. There is a lot of emotions and it’s a song that everyone can relate too.

What was the first record you bought?
When I was younger I was a massive fan of MJ, I grew up on that because of the influence of my parents. The first album I bought was probably Christina Aguilera’s self titled album when I was really young, she is an amazing vocalist! As I evolved have got my own sound I’m always downloading music and today I am really into Beyonce and I love what Miley Cyrus is doing.

You briefly mentioned Miley Cyrus and some people have compared your look to Katy Perry, but who do you prefer?
I don’t have a favourite though I do like what both of them are doing. I love Katy Perry and I have always been a big fan of hers and I also like what Miley is doing at the moment, so I like both of them and couldn’t just choose one!

You saw Beyonce live recently, what qualities do you think she has that makes her special?
She is just incredible, at her concert everything she does if perfect! She is an amazing performer, she owns the stage with her moves. The way she carries herself makes her an amazing role model for any singer or performer. She has also got the most amazing vocals ever.

Besides singing, you also have also had a lot of dance training, so who would you most like to have a dance off against: The Vamps or One Direction?
My god I can’t choose! I would love to do both. If I was gonna pick I would probably choose One Direction cos I know it would be hilarious? I would like to say I would win the dance off. J Jo is an amazing dancer though I can bring it so we’ld have to find out so hopefully it will happen one day!!

How did you celebrate your last Birthday earlier this month?
I had a party with friends that I used to go to school with, it was a good night!

Do you ever go out with any celebrity pals?
I’m a massive family girl, I love spending time with them. I just hang around with friends from where I grew up.

Did you ever consider taking the reality show route into music? and is judging talent something you would consider later down the line?
I haven’t really though about going on a show like the X Fatcor myself. I want to make it on my own. I would love to be a judge if that was an option and in the pipe-lineas that would be really cool.

What does the rest of 2014 look like for you?
I am hoping to do some colloborations, obviously I’ve got my single and video coming out. I’m gonna try and cause a little bit of a stir and a bit of a bang to make it happen for me and for people to know who I am so they understand me. I’ve got a lot of songs that are gonna be different on my album including urban so I can’t wait for people to hear what I have been working on for the past year or so. I am very excited!!

Hopefully there will be some live shows and to do more work in America, hopefully I should be really really busy as I’m gonna work hard.

Paige Ashleigh Young – ‘Wait’ on Soundcloud

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