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MEET ‘SABRINA MONIQUE’ The star who is the new one to watch!

Pop songstress Sabrina Monique recently unveiled her latest singleSideshow’ via United World Records and we managed to spend alittle time with the star discussing her music career so far, and grand plans for the future.

From experiencing heartache at a young age, to watching Britney Spears perform on television and knowing that singing was her destinty, Sabrina’s sound carries a maturity and her music is a cross-over between old-school disco vibe and pop.

Even on her music production, Sabrina says “I need to be as involved as possible throughout the process”.

Sabrina Monique is a New York City based pop style recording artist and Singer/Songwriter

While creating her own irresistible sound including self-loving anthems, the 25 year-old singer finds inspiration in the legendary works of Amy Winehouse, Dua Lipa, Joss Stone, Bebe Rexa, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish and Jojo. Sabrina Monique’s sound carries the same dynamic energy as an array of today’s biggest stars.

The New York born and based singer was a contestant of American Idol 2020 and has received support from press.

The rising star said “Beauty of live shows is the relationship and the way you can speak to your fans through your songs in real-time”. Her latest single Sideshow’ was mastered by Randy Merill (Katy Perry, Muse and Lorde) and follows the release of ‘More Than A Friend’, and “Love Again”.

Sabrina Monique is a new music talent with refreshing energy and powerful vocals”. Mark Boardman – Music Journalist.

Read our exclusive interview further below.

From starring on the 2020 season of the talent show American Idol, where she oozed self-confidence making her a fan favourite.

Take a deep breath and allow your thoughts to run free with Sabrina Monique and her latest soaring single. ‘Sideshow’ rawly displays all of the emotional insecurities and concerns that can plague an unhealthy relationship, entwining them with elements of hope that are contrasted against bitter realism all highlighted by finely crafted vocals. For fans of: Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Bebe Rexa.

“A beautiful soulful pop grit to her voice” MarkMeets Music

Sabrina Monique tells us about the creation of her single: “Sideshow is a song unlike anything I have written or put out before. A long time coming, this song is almost too personal to me, and I do not think I have opened up like this yet in my music journey. I spent longer than I’d like to admit writing and rewriting as I was on an emotional rollercoaster, and I’m excited for people to hear this vulnerable side of myself as well as my music.”

Each month here at MarkMeets, we celebrate either a new unsigned music star or an existing artist on the rise and destined for stardom.

Exclusive interview with Sabrina Monique

Sideshow is a song that seems really personal to you but where did you write the piece?
It took me almost a year to write & record this piece. I wrote it and re-wrote it so many times it’s not even
funny. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Producer/Writer Dr. Ford to help me bring it to life. We
spent a lot of time in the studio trying many different sounds and ideas because we were so passionate
about this song. The process was longer than I’ve ever spent on a song but I couldn’t release it until it felt

What is your dream venue to perform at?
MSG & The SNL Stage

Who has helped you most in your journey?
Have to shout out my family but most importantly my mother who has always believed in me, my music,
and my career. She’s the best!

What are you most proud of to date?
I would say that in general I am just proud that I keep going and continually work on my music and my

Can you tell us a little about what you are working on next?
I will be releasing a ton of new music and am definitely begging to show a more authentic version of
me/my sound. Be prepared for new music, new videos and live shows! I have been working very hard behind the scenes and I cannot wait for everyone to see what is to come!

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