5 Best Movies to Watch on Amazon Firestick

Anyone who favors streaming content instead of paying for cable subscription knows the Amazon Firestick. It is a popular movie streaming device that offers endless entertainment opportunities via different channels and apps. 

Through the Amazon Firestick, you can explore content from all over the world, whether it is your favorite shows, news, and sports action. What’s more is that it gives you access to different movies- thrillers, action, animation, documented films, and more from top platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Hulu.

By using websites like Firestickmaster, you will learn how to quickly access the world’s best movies. You must check out our movie recommendations below if you own the device.


If you are into Sci-fi and adventure, Dune is a must-watch. The movie features Paul Atreides, an intelligent and gifted young man whose birth brought forth an excellent destiny for him, which he doesn’t seem to understand. He will have to navigate a perilous planet as he seeks to ensure his people’s future. As malicious forces get into conflict because of the abundant supply of a precious resource, survival will be enjoyed by those who can triumph fear.

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Scream is a movie for those who enjoy horror. Years later, after the ruthless murders, Woodsboro, a town with nothing much going on, gets into shock. There is a new killer in the town’s midst. Suddenly no one is safe as this psychopath becomes a town stalker, challenging the town’s people with trivia questions and ripping victims to bloody shreds, intending to resurrect past deadly secrets.

King Richard

If you are into movies featuring sporting activities entangled with some bit of family drama, then you will be in for a treat with King Richard. The film is based on a true story and follows the journey of family man Richard Williams. He has a clear vision and plan that he will use to write his children Venus and Serena into Tennis history. Richard shapes these two girls on abandoned tennis courts in California, but they will be molded by his commitment together with their mum’s balanced perception. 


Encanto is a treat for those who enjoy musical films. The movie follows the story of the extraordinary Madrigal family, which lives in remote Colombian mountains in a magical place, Encanto. The Encanto charms have given every Madrigal child a special and unique gift except for Mirabel. When she discovers that the magical forces within Encanto are in danger, things will take a turn. She may be the family’s last hope.


Documentary lovers, we got you covered. Flee is a film that narrates Amin Nawabi’s story during his journey of grappling with a secret he has hidden for two decades. The secret threatens to distress his life and that of his longtime boyfriend. The accounts of the movie are given in an animated form to tell viewers an extraordinary tale of its director, an Afghanistan child refugee.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Firestick is an excellent streaming device that will enable you to access any content you can think of. However, the movies we have mentioned are entertainment options worth your time.

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