5 Best Stoner Anime to Watch When You’re High on Weed

Are you curious about some of the greatest stoner anime? The genre is famous for creating thought-provoking and visually captivating experiences.

The Japanese animation style is seeing a renaissance in popularity and production on an international level. The genre now thrives on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Many types of cannabis, such as Cheese strain seeds, produce effects that can enhance these shows’ dynamic visuals and plots. Check out this list and discover five of the greatest anime to watch while high.

1. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 offers a visually unique, thought-provoking, and hilarious experience.

The story follows Mob, an unassuming teenager who endeavours to hide his extreme psychic powers.

Mob’s abilities bring unwanted attention from various demons, psychics, and con artists seeking to attack or exploit him. The middle schooler just wants a regular life. The neverending hassle from nefarious characters causes him to unleash his full power involuntarily.

The episodes usually end hilariously. Mob’s emotional state is shown on screen as a number and culminates in epic events when it reaches 100. 

The series is deceptive with slow pacing and dry humour before explosive moments surprise you. Mob Psycho 100 also has acclaim for its unique animation style.

The popular series has two seasons (with a third on the way). Mob Psycho 100 is topping many lists and is undoubtedly among the best anime to watch while high.

2. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a work that transcends any genre. This film is among the many masterpieces from Studio Ghibli.

The legendary Hayou Miyazaki owns this production company. The director is so renowned that a museum in Tokyo pays tribute to his art.

Miyazaki is famous for his drawings, writing, and animations. His work inspires many others to pursue ambitions of art, storytelling, and directing.

Numerous Miyazaki masterpieces could all make this list. Films like Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke are others that garner similar acclaim. His full body of work is worth experiencing, and Spirited Away is a beautiful place to start.

This film is arguably Miyazaki’s greatest masterpiece. Spirited Away transports the viewer into an immersive experience that no words can summarise.

The movie changes many peoples’ opinions on the genre in general. Similarly, medicinal cannabis shifts mainstream perspectives about the marijuana plant. The days of anime or weed being niche are disappearing. Watch Spirited Away while high, and you’ll never forget it.

3. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is a hidden gem. The one-season programme is a work of art on multiple levels.

The show is also among the best anime to watch when high, as it blends humour and drama, invoking various emotions.

Mugen and Jin are elite fighters with polar opposite personalities who intensely dislike each other. A series of events forces the two men to work together.

Fuu is a young girl who saves Jin and Mugen from execution. In return, they agree to be bodyguards in her quest to find a mysterious samurai. It’s a relatively short 26-part anime, but the experience is unforgettable.

The show’s exquisite artwork uses traditional drawing techniques rather than CGI. Aside from its stunning plot and visuals, the programme also has incredible music. The anime uses a hip-hop theme throughout the show, even in some aspects of the story.

This show is a work of pure art that flies under the radar. Watch it while high and see why it’s so special.

4. Dragon Ball Z

This series is clearly among the best anime to watch high. The classic was among the first to gain popularity outside Japan. The show is now a franchise with universal recognition. 

This anime first ran between 1989-1996, and modern iterations indicate the show’s timeless appeal. The franchise also includes numerous movies and games.

The programme may seem over the top for some, but that’s also why so many love it. The plot is often formulaic but with a stylistic approach.

This series is known for its iconic battles that take place across multiple planets. The anime’s commitment to outrageously epic moments is incredible. Watch Dragon Ball Z while high if you want to have a blast.

5. One Punch Man

Statistics show the dramatic increase in the Japanese art form’s global popularity over the last decade. The evolution of anime is now seeing more shows that attempt to satirise the genre. No series executes this approach better than One Punch Man.

The plot follows Saitama, a superhero who defeats any foe with just one punch. His problem is it’s too easy, and he struggles to find a challenge or any recognition from the public.

Saitama’s chronic boredom as he vanquishes outrageous monsters and villains with minimal effort is uniquely hilarious. The show goes further by touching on various social topics like corporate work life through clever metaphors.

The series is side splittingly funny on the surface, packed with subtle social commentary, and undoubtedly amongst the greatest stoner anime.

Another remarkable aspect of One Punch Man is how it delivers on the same level as the anime style it satirises. The artwork is exceptional, and the action sequences are just as good as those it parodies.

All Rolled Up

The growing global popularity of anime is primarily due to streaming services. Companies like Amazon and Netflix invest in artists and directors, and new shows seem to emerge monthly.

These five gems provide an ideal gateway if you’re new to anime. This list is some of the genre’s best offerings with hours of entertainment. Just don’t forget premium weed to enhance the experience.

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