All we know about Company of Heroes 3 which has been delayed to 2023

Company of Heroes 3 will not arrive this November as originally planned.

Sega and developer Relic Entertainment announced this afternoon that the strategy game is being pushed back to February 23 next year.

Considering this delay comes a little over a month away from the game’s original release date, and follows a few rounds of public demos, media previews and closed tests – Relic has explained why the decision was made.

According to the developer, the extra time will be spent on polishing the overall experience, fine-tuning balance, improving performance and implementing key gameplay changes based on feedback collected from insiders.

Many of the suggested changes have already been made to Company of Heroes 3, such as various improvements to the dynamic campaign map, tweaking shader tech for a more gritty visual look, and updating HUD and UI to be more consistent.

Moment-to-moment gameplay also benefited from player feedback, and Relic has been working to improve the flow by changing camera positioning, overhauling lighting, allowing the minimap to reflect a clearer picture of the action and a lot more.

“Every day we remove bugs and finalize assets and features to help guarantee a better moment-to-moment experience for our players,” the developer wrote.

“Over the next four months we will not be adding any new features — the factions, units, modes, campaigns and modding tools for CoH3 are all set for launch. Now it’s just a matter of tuning and polishing everything to deliver on that core experience.”

Company of Heroes 3 was initially revealed in July last year. It will now be released February 23 on PC through Steam.

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