Billie Eilish wows in photos for ‘Saturday Night Live.’


SNL attracts big stars and now Billie returns, this time dressed in a massively poofy Christmas dress that makes her look like “Mrs. Claus going to the club,” the 19-year-old singer-songwriter talks about her signature fashion style (“The real reason I wore big, oversized clothes … is because I was actually two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into an R-rated movie”), her childhood dreams of acting, which were dashed by her mother (who she brings out for a pointless cameo), and the difficulties that come with with being famous at a young age (she uses this to get a solid dig in at Colin Jost, showing off his uber-nerdy high school picture).

“Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish has reached a whopping 400 MILLION streams on Spotify, making this her 14th song to achieve this feat.

In the first sketch, a married couple (Melissa Villaseñor, Alex Moffat) look over all the Christmas cards they’ve received from family and friends, such as their “super white, super Christian neighbor”, “cousin who’s made pregnancy their entire personality,” “well-off, middle-aged gay couple your wife is friends with…and gross, little old dog you can’t believe is still alive.” Miley Cyrus shows up briefly, playing herself, and her ease at live comedy makes a sharp contrast with Eilish (playing a bitchy high school frenemy), who comes off noticeably stilted.

See photos below from her day on-set

Billie Eilish cut a stylish figure as she arrived at Dos Caminos restaurant in New York City for the Saturday Night Live afterparty.

The singer, 19, who hosted this week’s episode, put on a leggy display as she donned a cream mini skirt with a strap detail.

The hitmaker also sported a pair of cream boots and wrapped up in a matching turtle neck jumper.


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