Demi Rose – From Bullied Teen to Fashion Icon

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If you’re a huge fan of fashion models in the UK, the name Demi Rose might perhaps ring a bell. Now 3 years shy of age 30, the 1995-born English model has had a series of successes in her career life, despite being a victim of bullying in her teenage years. 

She’s the girl who drove the internet nuts when she posed in a bejeweled Joselyn Cano bathing suit back in 2020, and that was only one of the many captivating shots from the fashion icon.

Here’s what you might want to know about the curvaceous social media sensation rising to stardom in the fashion and modeling world.

Who is Demi Rose? 

Born Demi Rose Mawby in March 1995, in Birmingham, Demi Rose could be well on her way to claiming a spot in the list of the top models of all time. As is evident from her Instagram posts, the photogenic fashion icon and Insta babe is nothing close to what one would describe as camera shy.

Growing up, Demi was a huge fan of posing for the camera. She always dreamt of becoming famous and going to Hollywood. And besides getting a basic education, the social media sensation holds a degree in Spanish from Walsall College, alongside a certificate in beauty therapy.

Bullied as a Teen 

As a teenager, Demi Rose was occasionally a victim of bullying. Most of it came in the form of mockery for her Latin American appearance. She recently revealed that at the mere age of 15, she had to take antidepressants and binge Vodka to cope with the horrific effects of bullying. “I got bullied by just about anyone, from boys to girls,” she pointed out.

She was picked on, and even had chewing gum put on her hair! Besides skipping most of her classes, it even reached a point where she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a condition related to depression and associated with always feeling tired. It was when she started posting her photos online that the turnaround moment began.

Her Beauty and Amazing Figure 

A huge part of Demi Rose’s success can be attributed to her exotic beauty and voluptuous figure as revealed by her frequent social media posts that attract thousands of comments and millions of followers. It isn’t hard to tell why most of the gorgeous brunette’s fans will go ahead and Google Demi Rose recent news just to keep up with the story of her life.

A Fashion Icon 

Once she started gaining recognition, Demi Rose was able to kick aside her newly adopted drinking habit. It seemed to have gained her some motivation and confidence in her body. This traction also attracted decently-paying contracts from the likes of Taz’s Angels, a renowned American group of models.

With photo shoots from numerous locations around the globe, Mawby has also been featured in multiple fashion magazines, from the FHM to the Zoo, Nuts, WorldStarHipHop, and UK’s Sixty6 magazine. 

This is not to mention the various music videos she has featured in, including DJ Khaled’s How Many Times, and Chris Brown’s Sleazy. In 2020, she signed a deal with UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing to become one of its global ambassadors.

Demi Rose Relationship

While Mawby’s dating life details are a bit scanty, the iconic fashion figure is believed to have dated rapper Tyga as they’ve been occasionally spotted in the company of each other. Other sources hint at a relationship with Tom Zanetti back in 2017. However, many sources have rumored that she is single at the moment.

Demi Rose’s Net Worth 

According to celebrity net worth, Demi Rose is currently estimated to have a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. The social diva is also estimated to earn about $500,000 annually from various sources.

Demi Rose is a social media sensation and fashion icon whose popularity is expanding at a frightening speed. From her sporty good looks to her exotic personality, the stunning UK model has a lot to offer to brands and the fashion world alike.

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