Euphoria star Maude Apatow discusses how studio tricks made her look better on camera

Maude Apatow Used Clever Lighting Tricks On ‘Euphoria’ To Hide Her Acne

American actress Maude Apatow has opened up about how she hid her acne in Euphoria.

The 24-year-old actress, who plays Lexi Howard in the HBO Max series, opened up in the most recent episode of Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets about working with camera operators on the show to mask her acne.

Maude revealed she had to get creative while filming in order to keep her “gigantic zits” out of the screen.

“You couldn’t cover them, they were so big,” she added. “They stuck out and we tried [to hide them].”

Maude explained that she urged the director to be “careful with the lighting” as she didn’t want to “accentuate” her “bad” acne.

When I started working and wearing more makeup, my skin got a lot worse,” she said, before saying that she had to come up with a solid skin care routine.

Throughout the process, Maude has picked up some skin care tricks and one of them was to stop picking at her skin.

“I definitely learned not to pick my skin because it spreads,” she said. “I never believed that when people told me that. Then I learned that if I pop zits, they travel.”

Like her costar and on-screen best friend since pre-school Zendaya, Maude Apatow has grown up in the spotlight. With the comedic actress Leslie Mann as her mother and renowned filmmaker Judd Apatow as her father, the 24-year-old Euphoria actress saw her film debut in 2007’s Knocked Up begging the question, “Where do babies come from?” Playing her real-life mother’s daughter in her father’s film, alongside her baby sister Iris, Maude’s first interactions with acting were surrounded by her Hollywood family.

Apatow’s roots will always be a defining factor of who she is in Hollywood, but her recent dramatic roles will continue to establish Apatow as a force to be reckoned with. As she continues to establish her own identity, Maude Apatow is making a name for herself. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the young actress or her beloved Euphoria character this season.

Euphoria was just recently renewed for a third season.

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