Fortnite: How to Find a Lightsaber

Fortnite: How To Find Star Wars Weapons

Fortnite is celebrating May 4th with a month-long Star Wars extravaganza. Players can earn and purchase cosmetics straight out of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (with a bit of Star Wars: The Clone Wars flair), but these are just skins. What good is the ability to look like Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi if you can’t wield a lightsaber? But even if you don’t own those character skins, do you really need an excuse to use one of pop culture’s most famous weapons? It’s one thing to swing a lightsaber around, and another thing entirely to find one.

Unlike the other Star Wars weapon in Fortnite, the DC-15 Blaster, you won’t find lightsabers in reliable locations. Instead, these items pop up randomly throughout a match, and the game will mark them on your map. Just head to the closest lightsaber icon (assuming you can survive the trip), and you will find a hologram of either Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Maul. Talk to whoever you find, accept their training, and you will receive their associated lightsaber. These choices are more than cosmetic, as different colors of lightsaber come with different Force powers. Though choose wisely, young Padawan or Apprentice, because you will only get to pick one Master per match.

If you visit a blue lightsaber icon, you will receive Anakin’s blue lightsaber and the Force Pull ability, which lets you pull objects and opponents towards you. Meanwhile, a green lightsaber icon indicates you will acquire Obi-Wan’s green lightsaber and the Force Push ability, which unleashes a shockwave that pushes enemies and objects away. Last but certainly not least, if you reach a red lightsaber icon, you will get Darth Maul’s red lightsaber (with only one blade, though) and Force Throw, which launches boulders at targets.

Each ability has its own strengths and weaknesses, but no matter what you pick, you will be able to Force Jump (i.e., double jump) and deflect bullets while wielding your lightsaber. Plus, these lightsabers boast melee attacks that cut through enemies like, well, a lightsaber through B1 Battle Droids.

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