Gervais reveals Brent Glasto fear

Ricky Gervais has said he is wary of playing Glastonbury Festival because the scale of the event would be out of keeping with his wannabe pop star character David Brent.

Gervais reveals Brent Glasto fear | MarkMeets News |
The comedy actor has recently revived the cringeworthy manager from his fly-on-the-wall spoof The Office for a series of live gigs in which Brent pursues his dreams of life as a musician.

In an interview with the new Radio Times, he says that although a Glasto slot is a possibility, it could be a step too far for his alter ego because the character would not have reached that level of stardom.

He said: “It could happen. It would be amazing for Ricky Gervais, but I don’t know if I can justify it. He can’t play venues outside the story. It’s a bit odd – he sells out venues faster than the Rolling Stones at the moment.”

There have been suggestions of a behind-the-scenes documentary series as Brent goes out on the road but Ricky – currently starring in Muppets Most Wanted and soon to be seen once more in Channel 4’s Derek – said he is still not sure of the format.

He said: “I love David Brent, but I can’t just do it as a vanity project because the BBC and Netflix are up for it.

“I don’t know whether to do an on-the-road special or make that the whole series. I love the instant tragedy of a 50-year-old wannabe pop star in a shiny suit.”

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