Golden Globes Announce Board of Directors, 2024 Awards Timetable

Golden Globes 2024

The Golden Globes rollercoaster continues with the Thursday announcement of a newly formed Membership Board of Directors, plus a timetable for the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The event, now planned, hosted, and produced by Dick Clark Productions (DCP), is dissolving the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as we know it, with the new Membership Board of Directors now being responsible for selecting, ratifying and accrediting journalists as voting members for the upcoming awards ceremony in January. The group is said to uphold and enforce rigorous standards and practices for the voting body, and is composed of nine in total, of which five are appointed independent entertainment or media professionals and four others elected from within the Golden Globe Association membership.

Helen Hoehne, former President of the HFPA, is now Golden Globes President, with Tim Gray, former awards editor and Senior Vice President for Variety, joining her and the organization as Executive Vice President effective immediately.

Other members include Tim Gray, former awards editor and Senior Vice President for Variety; Judy Lung, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, Toronto International Film Festival; Neil Phillips, Javier Porta Fouz, Gerardo Prat, Elisabeth Sereda, and Barbaros Tapan.

“We are proud of how the Golden Globes has evolved over the past two years and where the organization is headed,” said Hoehne as part of the announcement. “With its unique international footprint and global perspective on the entertainment world, this esteemed and trusted board truly sets the Golden Globes apart as an organization intent on recognizing achievements in film and television with superior credibility and integrity.” 

Gray added, “I spent 42 years of my life at Variety, so it would take a special job opportunity to get me to leave. This is definitely it. Major changes are already underway at the Golden Globes and I think people in Hollywood, and around the world, will be pleased when they see integrity restored while the sense of fun remains. I’m impressed with each person on the board – their experience, reputation, and their high standards.”

Below is the ​​timetable for the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards:

• Monday, November 6, 2023: Deadline for Motion Picture and Television Submissions
• Monday, December 11, 2023: Nominations Announced
• Sunday, January 7, 2024: Live Broadcast of the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards

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