Having trouble with Christmas shopping?

Here is some advice on what not to buy which might come in handy!.

Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not finished your shopping then don’t panic…we can help you!!

Now,  most people love gadgets from new computer consoles to hair straigners, and who would not want new designer clothes or tickets to see your favourite star? But do you want to know the gifts that people don’t actually want to receive on christmas day?

Take alook further below and see which presssies ring true with the one’s that certaintly would not put a smile on your face but a “hmmm…who can I give this to once xmas is over” thought – as you thank your auntie who thought it was “What you wanted“.

We’ve put together a festive infographic with Boxman storage, which shows what the UK has too much of – skis and exercise balls particularly bad ideas this year, in case you’re wondering…
Boxman_Infographic_v3 Boxman

We love curating bits of interest from around the web, and tweet us @MarkMeets if this piece in-particular has made you chuckle…or send it to someone as a littlehint!!

Help make the festive season a little less stressful and don’t panic buy!!

Thanks and Happy Christmas.

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