The Queens corgis have been stolen

A newly released video created by the fast-growing journalism website ‘MARKMEETS is gaining popular traction across the Internet since it’s widespread release on the 10th December 2014. The prank video depicts an unsuspecting member of the British public at the centre of nationwide search for The Queen’s corgis.

The prank begins with a mock BBC news story outlining that a man and a woman are making their escape through London town having stolen The Queen’s corgis from the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

‘We’re  getting  reports  that  The  Queen’s  corgis  have  been  stolen  from  the  grounds  of  Buckingham  Palace’.

The Set Up:

To an unsuspecting general public casually enjoying a drink at a London bar, the man and woman meet with the 3 corgis and start having a heated discussion in a foreign language before the man storms off and the woman is left alone. At this point, the public are completely unaware that these are The Queen’s corgis and can only think that they have witnessed a couple having an argument. The woman has no choice but to chase after her partner in crime and this is where the prank really begins.
The Prank:

She desperately pleads to an innocent Londoner to look after the dogs while she chases after her enraged partner. The public member can only agree and Her Majesty’s Corgis are safely placed in his hands.

Cue, the actor/waitress who reveals that these are indeed the missing Corgi’s that the Nation are looking for, the expression reveals it all.

Within seconds Police sirens are heard, A SWAT team arrives and even Her Majesty herself are at the scene of the crime and the Corgi culprit is surrounded.

The £350,000 investment is going towards paying contributors, developing the website, staff and promoting MARKMEETS. Notably, MARKMEETS is gaining popular traction with this royal-themed full-throttle video stunt which has just been released.

MARKMEETS launched in beta in April 2022 and has been growing strongly since. It now has contributors in nearly 25% of the world’s countries and receives traffic from over 200 countries.

Contributors range from experienced journalists to bloggers, from activists, to people on the street who take photos of news incidents and upload them to the site. MARKMEETS is a free market for news that pays for the best content, no matter the source.

One of the platform’s aims is to allow people affected by news situations around the globe to tell the world what’s happening on the ground. Instead of western journalists providing western perspectives on events in foreign countries, MARKMEETS gives local residents a platform to reach a global audience.

The MARKMEETS readers can access its content for free and shape the experience to their interests. For instance, users can follow their favourite journalists and select the type of news they want to see, such as politics but not golf.

Crucially, The MARKMEETS doesn’t have a central editorial bias. Instead, it allows its readers to see different points of view and then make up their own minds.

The MARKMEETS addresses many of the challenges faced by content creators in today’s rapidly shifting media environment. It offers complete editorial freedom – contributors can post whatever they want, without having to pitch and without having to adhere to a predetermined editorial agenda. Unlike blogging, which relies on bloggers attracting readers all on their own, writers benefit from the network effect of being part of The MARKMEETSs global community. Plus, unlike most open publishing platforms, the site is indexed on Google News which means writers can top Google.

We feel the The MARKMEETS is perfectly fitting as an international open-journalism platform serving opportunities to contributors in nearly 25% of the world’s countries and traffic from over 200 countries

 – The MARKMEETS is free for readers to access and personalisable. Users can follow their favourite journalists and select the types of news they want to see

“We want new voices to challenge the often entrenched perspectives of the traditional media. Established titles have a particular agenda because they target particular demographics but we don’t believe there’s one side to a story. Instead, we encourage debate by giving our users the tools to have their say. We also believe that good content is valuable which is why we pay for it. Our aim is to ultimately make news sustainable while offering a news experience that’s made for the digital age.

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