Jasmine Tridevil; Are We Reliving Total Recall?

Jasmine Tridevil, a 21 year old massage therapist from Florida, recently underwent cosmetic surgery in bid to make herself appear less attractive to men.

Miss Tridevil claims she spent £12,000 ($20,000) to have a third breast placed between her two natural breasts. Jasmine highlighted how difficult it was for her to find a surgeon willing to carry out the procedure as it is a violation of the code of ethics. In her quest to find a surgeon Jasmine expressed.

“It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they’re breaking the code of ethics.”

The surgeon who supposedly agreed to carry out the procedure prompted Jasmine to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect his or her identity. The third breast was allegedly created from skin tissue taken from Jasmine’s abdominal area and the areola was subsequently tattooed onto the breast as her surgeon was unable to make an artificial one. Despite Jasmine sticking to her story critics have been quick to claim her third breast is a hoax; mainly due to the fact that all images and footage of Jasmine thus far have been taken by herself.

Journalists and medical professionals have been trying to uncover the truth behind Jasmine’s third breast but she continues to insist that it is genuine. The American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS) state in their ‘Code of Ethics’ policy that all operations should take into account “full respect of human dignity” and procedures should only ever “enhance the norm”. If the surgeon who carried out the procedure is identified it is likely he or she will be unable to continue practising cosmetic surgery.

The Chairman at MYA, John Ryan, also recently spoke out about the incident:

“All MYA patients undergo a full in-depth pre-operative assessment which includes contacting the patient’s GP. As patient care and wellbeing is of the upmost importance, we ensure they have good physical and psychological health prior to moving forward with any surgery. As this is a procedure that MYA and our surgeons do not offer, the patient would have had this explained at their initial consultation and the treatment would have been refused.”

Further speculation surrounds the mystery after Jasmine’s real identity was recently unveiled as Alisha Hessler. This arose after Jasmine lost her luggage at Tampa International Airport; upon the luggage being returned to the airport an inventory report was created. The report stated that the bag contained a three-breasted prosthesis worth $5,000 – confirming, to sceptics, Jasmine’s third breast is fake.

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