Lorde: I understand the importance of social media

Singer Lorde thinks it’s important for artists to use social media because it helps them get closer to their fans.

The 17-year-old star, who has grown up with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, like to keep her followers up to date with her career and voice her opinion on the sites and thinks others should do the same.

Lorde: I understand the importance of social media | MarkMeets editor's picks |
She told Stylist mag: ”I was ten [when Twitter first appeared], so I’ve grown up with it. It’s much more normal to me than it would be for a lot of people. I understand the importance of things like Twitter and people feeling like they know you and are emotionally invested in you as an artist and as a person. It’s cool. I like being able to share things with people.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Royals’ singer, who has a bumper schedule this summer with festival appearances and gigs, thinks press invasion is a small price to pay for the opportunities she is handed as a singer.

She said: ”It still completely bugs me out that I get to play venues that are sold out in the craziest corners of the world. I couldn’t point to that place on a map but these people know the lyrics to a song I wrote a long way away. I can’t make that normal in my head.

”But I figure in terms of, you know, living with privacy, it’s kind of a small sacrifice.”

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