Room 94 ‘No Strings Attached’ album review

After hitting the Top 30 in 2014 with their debut Album, No Strings Attached, Room 94 are a British boy band determined to prove they can do this on their own! The past year has not been an easy one, having been let down a few times, but the four lads from Hertfordshire are back with a new self-titled album due for release on Sunday 15th February, and it is awesome!

Room 94 album review
Room 94 exclusive album review by MarkMeets writer Renee Bourke

Here we look back at their debut album released 2014, it’s hard to categorise these guys, as they have elements of a typical pop/rock band, but their sound is layered with hints of trance, and electrical piano to reggae! Playing their own instruments, writing their own lyrics, and having strong vocals to top it, these talented guys are pumping out some guaranteed hits! With their ohh wohhs, and hay hohhs, it’s impossible to not rock along to these catchy tunes.

The Morning After

We’ve all been here! The lyrics describe, funnily enough, the morning after a massive night and the inevitable missing pieces as you try and piece the puzzle back together. ‘The Morning After’ kicks off with some party background noise which straight away sets a care-free, live young, type of feel. As the guitar kicks in, I surprisingly found myself comparing this to the sound to Taylor Swift’s ’22’! The chorus is easy to remember and join with the catchy background chants.


Now this sound is completely different to ‘The Morning After’! ‘Superstar’ features a more poppy/Postal Service/video game/Future Boy type of sound during the verses. There is then an awesome musical build up to the chorus which, once again, is very easy to sing along with. The lyrics are what every girl in a relationship, feeling a little insecure, wants to hear from her man.

Kiss me Like You Mean It

This song has to be my favourite! ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ really shows off the vocal talent of these guys, and there’s a nice driving guitar sound throughout.

When I was a Teenager

Just when you think you’re getting the jist of Room 94’s sound, they throw in a bit of Reggae! The verses have similarities to that of the happy reggae scene, that then turns into more of a rock chorus! As the song goes on, it has an All American Rejects type of feel, before heading back into this reggae guitar in the music break! This song talks about looking enviously back at the easy life with little responsibility of being a teenager.

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One Night

‘One Night’ starts with some cheeky vocals, then takes on a more poppy sound than the previous tracks. A man in denial about having more feelings for a girl than he cares to admit. There’s a good comedy element to this track.

Come Calm Me Down

‘Come Calm Me Down’ is one energetic song! There’s nice lead guitar chords, rave type of background music, and some contrasting peaceful music break for you to take a breather! The chorus is quite repetitive with the alliteration, therefore very catchy! This one will get stuck in your head!

We Came Here to Dance Tonight

Right, this track definitely starts out sounding like a 1D song, but then come in the uplifting trance piano sounds of Armin van Buuren! These guys are always keeping it interesting! It’s a definite rock chorus with some impressive drumming throughout! Go Dean!

Dream Girl

This is the soft, slow song of the album that is going to make the girls swoon! ‘Dream Girl’ features very token sayings; everything a girl wants to hear. But you know what, this is going to please a lot of young ladies. It’s very sweet. A Simple Plan type of feel to the music.

Chasing the Summer

The summer anthem! I can see the music video now! Cruising to the beach with a group of friends in a car with the top down, beautiful orange sunset in the background, music blaring, reaching up to the sky! ‘Chasing the Summer’ is about those moments when we look back on our amazing times in the Summer holidays that you never want to end!

Shine your Light

And now to finish the album with a change of pace. Shine your Light has a slow, uplifting, feel good mood to it. With soft falsetto vocals, echoes, and beautiful trance piano sounds, it is sure to calm you down and leave you feeling relaxed… Until we head back to ‘The Morning After’ coz no doubt this album will be on repeat!

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